#relationshipscams | #dating | From Choksi-RGF to party’s link with China: BJP’s JP Nadda poses 10 questions for Congress


BJP National President JP Nadda continued to question the Congress party on Saturday over the alleged ‘Rajiv Gandhi Foundation scam.’ The BJP President posed 10 questions for the Congress to answer and also claimed that the RGF took hefty donations from major Indian corporates, in the name of ‘poor people.’ Nadda asserted that one should not ‘shy away’ from the questions that the nation wants to know and stated that Congress chief Sonia Gandhi should not try to divert from these questions by using COVID-19 or the situation with China as a shield. 

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Moreover, the BJP President highlighted that the Indian government and the Army are capable of protecting India’s sovereignty, adding that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led administration has also fought with COVID-19 pandemic in the ‘best possible manner.’ Addressing the media on Saturday, JP Nadda posed several questions for the Congress party regarding their tenure at the Centre and how they ‘betrayed’ the trust of the people while they were in power. Nadda’s questions were: 

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1. What was the need to be a part of RCEP? How did India’s trade deficit with China rise from USD 1.1 billion to USD 36.2 billion?  Was this not quid pro quo?

2. What is the exact relationship between INC and the Communist Party of China? What is the tacit understanding? What is the signed and unsigned MoU? The country wants to know

3. What was the role of RGF with the China Association for Internationally Friendly Contact and Central Military Commission of China? How was it trying to influence policy makers of our country?

4. The country would like to know why money was diverted from PM National Relief Fund to RGF between 2005-2008?

5. Who is the auditor of the PMNRF? The auditor was Thakur Vaidyanathan and Aiyyar Co. This was founded by Mr. Rameshwar Thakur, who happened to be Union MoS of Finance. He was MP of Rajya Sabha for two terms and was governor of four states. The country wants to know why such a man was made the auditor of PM National Relief Fund?

6. I want to know how such precious land, on which Jawahar Bhawan is built, was given to RGF on perpetual lease? Why was it given and why was it selected to be given at such a costly place on a perpetual lease?

7. Why are the accounts of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation refusing CAG auditing? Why RTI was not applicable on the Foundation?

8. I want to ask Manmohan Singh Ji – What do you have to say on this monumental loot and the organized plunder of public money?

9. The RGF not only took money and there were scams but it also gave dodgy donations. I would like to know how it donated to Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust, that is controlled by the family?

10. I want to know why Mehul Choksi took money from RGF and how is he connected to it? Why did Congress give a loan to Mehul Choksi?

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Congress faces serious accusations

The political blame game between BJP and Congress commenced after 20 Indian Army personnel were martyred in a violent clash with Chinese troops at the LAC on June 15. While the latter questioned the Centre’s handling of the crisis, BJP accused the Congress leadership of having close ties with China. 

BJP raised that Congress-backed RGF had received a donation of Rs.90 lakh from the Chinese Embassy in India in 2006-07. While Congress president Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of the trust, senior party leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, Dr.Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra serve as trustees.

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