#relationshipscams | #dating | Jennifer Aniston shares love misery: ‘I hate it’

Jennifer Aniston has opened up about her hell as a single woman, confessing that she loathes being set up on dates by friends desperate to see her coupled.

The actress indicated she isn’t ready to date when American radio host Howard Stern suggested he could set her up, but she said she’s ‘very, very busy’.

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‘Are you enjoying being single,’ the host asked, to which she replied, ‘Yeah.’

Stern then added, ‘Do you want me to set you up with someone or not?’

‘Not right now,’ she responded, explaining, ‘But listen, I just don’t like being set up. I don’t like it. Hate it.’

She also admitted she doesn’t get hit on a lot, but it seems Jen might have had enough for the time being, following her second divorce, from actor Justin Theroux.

According to a US report, police were recently called to the actresses’ posh home amid allegations of terrifying emergencies involving nudity and drugs.


According to the National Enquirer, which claims to have done a records search under the Freedom of Information Act, calls were made to the emergency number on April 18, 2018 – just two months after Jen announced she was separating from Justin Theroux.

The calls came after photos were published online the same day of Justin partying with a model in New York.

The publication claims that 911 records detail claims by a caller that ‘a female suspect wearing no clothing was in the garage at Jen’s Bel Air home and threatening a male victim with a possible knife’.

The caller also claimed that there was a history of trouble at the address.

Sources also allegedly told the publication that the former married couple were known to ‘have blow-ups’ and had a face-to-face showdown at the mansion on December 14, 2017.


Jen’s rep denied that this ever took place, but according to the Enquirer: ‘Justin removed himself from the situation… and checked into a hotel.’  

According to the Enquirer, another 911 call ‘involved alleged illegal drug activity’.

According to the publication, an anonymous caller ‘overheard at a party that narcotics were being distributed or sold from the garage of the subject location’.

Police were not able to investigate due to the lack of a warrant.

Frighteningly, the publication also notes that two panic alarms were triggered from Jennifer’s master bedroom, days apart, in October 2017. One call was for a possible burglary.

According to the publication, Jennifer’s rep denies any of the reported incidents took place. Indeed, sources caution that the calls may have been scams.

‘Prank calls on celebrity homes happen regularly and a security team deals with the situation,’ the Enquirer’s source said.

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