#relationshipscams | #dating | LOCAL SCAMS: Resident loses $120,000 in romance scam


A Norfolk County resident is out $120,000 following an online relationship that began in Nov. 2018.

Police say that the online romance scam, which lasted from Nov. 2018 to July 2019, included several emails requesting funds after the suspect claimed they were having several emergencies.

 The victim ceased all communication in July 2019, however the person contacted police after the suspect threatened to release intimate images on the internet. The fraud was reported on Oct. 17, 2020.

This case was one of three reported to Norfolk OPP in recent days.

$27,000 lost in online friendship

Three months of an online friendship led to a Norfolk County resident losing $27,000.

Police were contacted on Oct. 9 by the victim reporting the scam.

The victim met a man from Moscow, Russia with plans to travel to Canada. Over the three months of talking, around $27,000 was transferred to a Russian bank account for outstanding taxes and several emergencies.

Someone claiming to be police in Russia then contacted the victim stating their friend had been arrested for fraud and the victim was now involved in the investigation. Investigators then asked the victim to send their banking statement in order for their money to be refunded.

This is when the OPP were contacted and they were informed this friendship was a scam.

Senior falls for computer scam

A senior resident of Norfolk County was the victim of a pop-up scam message saying their computer had a virus.

The pop-up indicated that Microsoft needed to be contacted, and included a phone number. After contacting the number, an unknown individual was given remote access to the computer where several items were downloaded.

The victim’s credit card was charged for $1,500. The unknown suspect also asked for proof of identification, and the senior sent a photo of their driver’s licence.

OPP were contacted on Oct. 18.

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