#relationshipscams | #dating | Oatlands crash victims’ mother Leila Abdallah forgives alleged drunk driver

“The guy, I know he was [allegedly] drunk, driving on this street. Right now I can’t hate him. I don’t want to see him, [but] I don’t hate him.

“I think in my heart to forgive him, but I want the court to be fair. It’s all about fairness. I’m not going to hate him, because that’s not who we are,” she said to reporters.

Sienna, Angelina and Antony Abdallah died in the collision on Saturday night.

Mrs Abdallah said she had been relying on her relationship with God in the day since her children were killed.

“[Husband] Danny and I were so blessed to have six kids; we love our kids so much. We tried to focus on their spiritual side more than anything. We tried to teach them to pray the rosary, to read the Bible and to share God’s faith.

“I asked God to come all together to pray as a community, but I didn’t ask [him] to take my kids. I ask him to take everything from me, but my kids. I am sad, I am heartbroken but I am at peace because I know my kids are in a better place,” she said.

“It feels very unreal, I still don’t feel it’s true. I feel they are still with me. I’m still waiting for them to come home.”

Alleged drink-driver Samuel Davidson is led away by police.Credit:Nine News

On Monday, hundreds of people arrived at the makeshift memorial site to pray, sing, lay flowers and pay tribute to the children.

One of the injured children is recovering in The Children’s Hospital at Westmead after surgery, Mrs Abdallah said.

“She [the child’s mother] is praying for them [the children who died].”

Meanwhile, the family of an 11-year-old boy, who is in an induced coma in the same hospital, have warned of online scammers creating fake fundraising pages.

A spokeswoman for the family told the Herald there was only one legitimate fundraiser, which was being organised on Facebook.

NSW Police have also warned about potential scams surrounding the incident.

“Police are reminding the public to be vigilant and always check the legitimacy of people asking for donations.

“Do not donate via fundraising pages on platforms that do not verify the legitimacy of the fundraiser or that do not guarantee your money will be returned if the page is determined to be fraudulent.

“If you think you have paid money to a scammer, please contact your bank and local police immediately, and report it to Scamwatch,” police said in a statement on Monday.

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