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Graduating seniors can apply for a multitude of scholarships through the San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District website, while the school district advises students to be wary of external sources.

A wide array of scholarship applications can be found at https://www.sfdr-cisd.org/scholarships/

Every year the school district receives scholarship information and shares that information with seniors on a monthly basis, according to Early College High School Counselor Rocio Faz.

Faz added when a student is going through the college application process, the student is also given the choice to apply for that college’s specific scholarships.

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, graduating seniors are left with only online resources to apply for scholarships. The school district recently added a webpage to its website on Friday, in order for students to find all the local scholarships available.

Scholarship deadlines, requirements and more are listed for each scholarship. Some local scholarships have extended their deadlines, and San Felipe Del Rio CISD Public Information Officer Rene “Reno” Luna confirmed as soon as updated scholarship information is made available the webpage is immediately updated.

Approximately two weeks ago scholarship reminders were sent to case managers, in order to share the information and remind seniors, according to Del Rio High School Counselor Joelda Espinoza.

Espinoza added there were certain case managers or teachers that shared that information via Edmodo and other online avenues.

Counselor Rocio Faz said Early College High School has also been sharing scholarship information and upcoming deadlines through its Facebook page.

While Del Rio High School and Early College High School have specific counselors, Del Rio High School Principal Jose Perez said there is one counselor that helps bridge the gap between both campuses.

Perez said the school district has a close knit relationship with the local organizations providing scholarships to the seniors. The Del Rio community gives approximately over $200,000 in scholarships.

All scholarships go through a process in order to confirm they are legit, Perez said.

Any scholarship information provided by the school district is legit, Early College High School Principal Patsy Rodriguez said.

Counselor Joelda Espinoza encourages all graduating seniors to apply for the scholarships and stated all counselors are available to answer questions and concerns.

Students can ask for a digital copy or hard copy of their transcripts, depending on what is more convenient for them. If students prefer a hard copy, the copy can be dropped off or picked up at the student’s campus, Counselor Rocio Faz said.

While scholarship information is available online, counselors and staff advise the students from using external sources as the students run the risk of falling prey to a scam.

The scams do not only apply to scholarships, as there are scams for financial aid as well, Faz said.

“If it asks you to pay, it’s a scam,” Faz said and added students should never have to pay for scholarship and financial need.

Anything asking for a social security number is off and if the application is too good to be true then it is a scam. Legit scholarship applications will only ask for the student’s FAFSA information, according to Faz.

Similar to a funky email address, the scam application may look legit but something may be wrong such as wording, according to Counselor Joelda Espinoza.

Espinoza added the Del Rio Division Association of Federal Attorneys scholarship is the only credible local scholarship requiring a student’s social security number.

Both Faz and Espinoza reiterated students should contact the school district with any concerns or questions regarding scholarships.

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