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How important is unsigned firmware, anyway? Suppose you were able to replace a device’s firmware?

One way to think of it is, if I’m a malicious actor and I can replace the firmware in this device, the simplest case is to emulate the existing device. So, for example, if I’m compromising the firmware in a trackpad, because it’s a trackpad, I can easily emulate the behavior of a trackpad. I can essentially have the firmware move the mouse cursor all on its own without your finger actually touching the trackpad. And you might say, well, what good does that do? – you can, you know, move it around to make an annoyance…

Well, you can also get a little bit more complicated – and by complicated, I mean sophisticated, I guess, in this case, they kind of go hand-in-hand here. But if I can move the mouse cursor around, I can use that same mechanism to interact with the host system, to emulate other aspects of that device. And I can do so in a very rapid fashion. So, I could do things like move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen where I know the start button always is. And because I know where that is, now I can, you know, click and work through the start menu in a very fast fashion.

I can also look at how the device is connected to the host system. In the case of a lot of trackpads or mice or other pointing or human interface-type devices, they use what’s called a “HID” interface, or a human interface device. And that is used for both keyboard and mice. Well, if the trackpad already acts as a HID device, I can perhaps emulate not only a mouse or trackpad, but also emulate a keyboard at the same time. So now I have the capability of moving the mouse pointer and typing, which then opens the case of, well, if I could arbitrarily type in things and move the mouse pointer around, then what can I do with that? I can start up and run various commands.” 

—Rick Altherr, principal engineer at Eclypsium, on the CyberWire’s Research Saturday, 3.28.20.

Listen to the whole thing for context, especially if you’d like a quick explanation of what firmware actually is.

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