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So, with remote work now normal, has demand for VPNs risen?

Well, the response has been kind of more of a – I would say a wave, a tsunami for us of demand coming in, especially the couple of weeks – the last couple of weeks, because a lot of companies are moving toward more remote workforce and more virtualization. And we’re seeing that basically in the demand that’s coming in and a lot of purchases and, basically, a lot of need for the support. So we had to actually rush because we have customer success team reps that – they deal with our customers sometimes on the tickets or technical support. So we have to actually staff them. We were very lucky to find, you know, a couple – I mean, just the last two weeks, we’ve hired about four more people in Philippines as the support to really cope with all the support tickets and all that. At some point, we saw a demand that, typically, we used to see in – I would say in one week or 10 days. We saw the demand in one day. That’s how crazy it was, you know? However, right now, it’s kind of getting normalized. But still, it’s high demand than the normal. So we’re continuing to see that. So it was a wave, kind of a tsunami. And then you see this aftershock. And then it’s getting normalized right now. Everybody is realizing, you know, we’re going to have to virtualize our operations. We have to basically have more of a remote workforce and so on. So definitely, a VPN, specifically for businesses, of course, is in a big demand right now.” 

—Francis Dinha, founder and CEO of VPN provider OpenVPN, on the CyberWire Daily Podcast, 4.14.20.

And that, of course, would be a “yes.”

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