#relationshipscams | #dating | What the ‘225 Dine’ team is reading, watching and more this week


In the midst of this stormy week, you might be in need of some good podcasts, books, TV shows or new music to get you through sheltering at home.

This summer more than any, we all need escapes. A now that school is starting up again for many families, and Hurricane Laura has our anxieties turned up to 11, you might need a new show to binge, a blog worth your time or a fresh comedy to make you laugh.

Read on for what the 225 Dine team is into right now.

For some diary-style food inspo

The Grub Street Diet

“Grub Street is New York Magazine’s food blog, and one of its most popular features is ‘The Grub Street Diet.’ In it, celebrities, writers, restaurant industry leaders and others provide a diary of their eating habits for a couple days. Usually, it’s famous people ordering takeout from Michelin-star restaurants while they flit about New York heading to promotional appearances or parties, which isn’t entirely relatable. But you also get those in between moments where they are at home, it’s 1 a.m., and they are staring at a pantry with only three items in it trying to figure out how to make a snack. Relatable. And this one with comedian and bracingly good Instagram interviewer Ziwe Fumudoh is a nice example. (‘Sugar is my greatest vice. I have the palate of a middle schooler with an expense account.’)”

—Benjamin Leger, managing editor

For a funny, easy show to binge

‘The Other Two’ on Comedy Central and HBO MAX

“Former Saturday Night Live head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider put this show together back in early 2019, but I’m just getting around to it. I had heard about how funny it is, as well as the comedic minds who have lent a hand to writing the episodes, such as Joel Kim Booster and Cole Escola. The premise: Two adult siblings struggling to make it in New York are also navigating jealousy and protectiveness toward their 13-year-old brother, who has shot to Justin Bieber-esque stardom. It’s got a Difficult People vibe, which makes recurring lines like ‘Put it on Billy Eichner’s tab!’ even funnier. Also, Molly Shannon is great as the stage mom who catches the celebrity bug and goes on a Kris Jenner-mirroring journey to her own fame.”

—Benjamin Leger, managing editor

For an investigative docuseries 

‘(Un)Well’ on Netflix 

“The wellness industry has taken off in the last decade. As a yogi, primarily plant-based eater and spiritual person, I never considered all of the scams or unethical things happening behind the scenes of some major wellness businesses. Now, that has all changed. (Un)Well is a docuseries on Netflix that takes a deeper look at wellness practices like fasting, using essential oils, adults consuming breast milk and bee sting therapy. Through tons of interviews and research, the show sheds light on the good, bad and ugly of some of the most popular wellness trends all over the world. It’s equally informative and intriguing!”

—Cynthea Corfah, staff writer

For a dramatic romance 

‘Normal People’ on Hulu

“Earlier this summer, a friend adamantly texted me that I ‘must’ read Normal People. While I put my name on the library’s (very long) waitlist for the novel, I did exactly what she told me not to do: I watched the TV show first. I’ll admit I was unsure about it during the early episodes—I wondered if I was just watching a version of 50 Shades of Grey set in Ireland. But as the show followed lead characters Connell and Marianne from high school to college and then through their early-mid 20s, I really connected with its deeper, coming-of-age storyline and exploration of mental health. With all of its mixed messages, repeated breakups and late-night phone-conversation make-ups, Connell and Marianne’s relationship felt like a spot-on depiction of a first love—and why so many first loves ultimately end. By the show’s final chapter, I felt as drawn in, mystified and heartbroken by the characters as they were by each other. And I promised my friend, of course, I would still read the book.”

—Jennifer Tormo, editor

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