Where remarriage is most common in the United States

In the South, the sanctity of marriage is so important that residents are likely to enjoy it multiple times.

Slate used Census data to map out the states that have the highest percentage of ever-married men and women who have been married twice (or more). More than a third of residents older than 15 in Arkansas who have wed – have done so more than once. Same with neighbor Oklahoma. Several more southern states have a remarrying rate higher than 30 percent. The south is joined by the Pacific Northwest (and Nevada – hello Vegas!) as the states with the highest remarrying rates.

When it comes to second marriages in the Lone Star State, Texans are slightly above average. Some 26 percent of married residents have said “I do” and then said it again.

Remarrying appears rare in the northeast. New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts (and D.C.) have the lowest remarriage rates.

Are marriage rates lower in the northeast because the liberals rarely marry there and instead choose to live in hippie communes? Slate postulates an equally plausible theory. States where resident are more likely to marry young, like those in the south, are also the places where men and women are most likely to divorce and marry once again.

source: http://www.chron.com/news/nation-world/article/Where-remarriage-is-most-common-in-the-United-6133075.php

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