Repeat sex offender drugged teens in Ybor

Tampa, Florida — 40-year-old John Knight is behind bars accused of raping multiple woman in his Ybor City apartment.

After a search warrant was issued, police now believe there could be more people out there he harmed.

Released from prison in April after serving time for a sex crime in Sarasota County– police say 40-year- old registered sex offender John Knight is back at it again.

“There’s no doubt he was planning on doing something like this again,” says Andrea Davis, with the Tampa Police Department. They say he raped a 24-year-old woman he met on the dating site, ‘Meet Me’ in July.

“There’s a lot of things you have to have for probable cause to make an arrest,” says Davis. They were waiting on DNA evidence when police say he struck again.

“That takes time. We are not like a t.v. show where it only takes a day,” says Davis.

Police say on August 15, he met 3 teenage girls at a hip hop festival in Ybor.

“The suspect preyed upon these teenage girls. They trusted him,” says Davis.

That’s when police say he eventually gave them a drink mixed with a date rape drug.

“One suspect remembered someone trying to remove her pants. The other woke up without her clothes on,” says Davis.

This is the apartment where John Wright lived – the place where police say the crime occurred. They found the date rape drug throughout the apartment and that’s why they believe there may be additional victims.

Rochelle Gross owns a business across from Knight’s home.

“I always saw him alone. I only saw him briefly,” says Gross.

She says she’s shocked to hear about the horrible crimes he’s accused of.

“Anybody that would do that to woman should be behind bars,” says Gross. He hopes that if there are any more victims they come forward so that Knight won’t be coming back home here anytime soon.

Anyone who has had contact with this suspect and believes they may be a victim is asked to call the Tampa Police Department.


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