Response – Arizona Man Cary Dolego is Found Stranded in Ukraine after Online Dating Scam

_________________________ CLICK TO TWEET I got a lot of calls and emails regarding an Associated Press article about a man who went to Ukraine to meet someone from an International Dating online site. This was the same man who was featured in an NBC NightLine story a few months back. Cory Delago had decided to relocate to Ukraine, but what happened that led to him becoming homeless and stranded is a bizare mystery. To get real answers about international dating, please pick up a free copy of the book, “How to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams Overseas” at


24 thoughts on “Response – Arizona Man Cary Dolego is Found Stranded in Ukraine after Online Dating Scam

  1. Rj Lewis

    European Dream Connections.? The operative word is “dream.” This webcast is nothing but self promotion.

  2. Rj Lewis

    Skype to verify identity…give me a break. The stats are less than 1% of American/Ukrainian relationships end in marriage. No thanks, I? will stay in the USA.

  3. Billgreen54

    Why would AFA and John Adams allow a mentally deficient man like this attend a social? Why would other honest men want to be anywhere near a man like Cary? What are the? so-called normal guys thinking about when they are sitting next to one of the 99% like Cary Dolego? Why are the size of socials so small compared to five years ago? Simple answer…. It’s all a scam. 100%. Not 90% Not 80%, Not 70%…….. If you intend to go on any social, make sure you get all the promises in writing.

  4. Billgreen54

    Your comments are right on. Socials and? tours are nothing more than scam magnets. The mere mention of a social or marriage agency to a real Ukrainian is disgusting. Women who work at agencies and go to socials are shunned by friends and family.

  5. Billgreen54

    Unfortunately, it’s all about cash and prizes. The only way to meet real people in Ukraine is to live there for a while. If your new friends like you, they will help you find a real woman. COMPLETELY FREE!!!!
    Anyone who buys into socials, tours and marriage agencies is a total idiot. Educate yourself and find out what real people are like in Ukraine. Agencies employ girls to meet you and extract as much cash as possible. ? They know you will never go back to Ukraine.

  6. Billgreen54

    You are absolutely right. Only a fool would use the services of a marriage agency. The? reason why people own and operate a marriage agency is because they aren’t capable of being honest and don’t know the first thing about building a business. It’s much easier to steal from the naive and unsuspecting. Tour companies and socials promoters are exactly the same. Most of the time, it’s all about Americans stealing from fellow Americans. Sad, sad, sad…

  7. k4u1963

    Bill you are completely correct! I am in Nikolaev at the moment. I have been scammed a little. Just for dates and dinners? and small stuff. Oh, the introduction fee of course. I have two American friends here who guided me away from the agencies. I love Ukraine and will be back. I’ll mark this one down as the research trip. It really takes alot of time to understand the country and their culture.

  8. Billgreen54

    Anyone that claims a Ratio of 80% has? no idea what he is talking about. Make sure you put those kinds of statements in writing before you take money from anyone.

  9. Billgreen54

    Tours and socials are nothing more than a total? scam. Real honest Ukrainian women don’t want to be treated like cattle. Honest Ukrainians detest marriage agencies and socials. Nothing more than a total scam.

  10. jethroboar

    Why not just use your ATM card to get money? Why move the money? to the Ukraine?

  11. jethroboar

    This guy is most likely mentally ill or an attention junkie! If he got scammed like this, it is probably because he was doing some real stupid things. Thanks goodness this guy didn’t end up as governor! The girls are not not sweet and innocent in the Ukraine. You can’t get a wife by meeting her one time. 90% of the time the women are taking advantage of the men vs. the men vs women. Get smart guy if you are old? and ugly they don’t like you!

  12. bevege324

    you and your dating agencies bore me. I have been to a foreign country and found women effortlessly, just by being myself. Why would anyone pay an agency? for help in finding a woman? If she’s interested it will happen naturally.

  13. Billgreen54

    There is a lot more to? this story. This type of man is just one of the 90% who travel on tours and go to socials to Ukraine while being told by tour companies that he has a guaranteed chance at finding true love.”

  14. Billgreen54

    “One morning four years ago while walking out of McDonalds on Sovietskaya in Nikolaev with coffee in hand, I ran across my first encounter with a foreigner who told me that this was his twelfth trip to Nikolaev? over the past few years. He told me that he had been on 6 tours to meet ladies.

  15. Billgreen54

    Over the past five years while helping many friends around the world, we have been asked many times… “What kind of men go on tours?”…. While there is a minority that is? quite normal, by far, the majority are just like this guy in the article published by The Huffington Post last November.

  16. Billgreen54

    The real question is…. Why did AFA allow a weird, odd, strange person like Cary Dolego go on a tour? in the first place? Couldn’t they see that this guy is sick. Don’t they at least try to determine if a man is the slightest bit normal or do they just want to get paid?

  17. WestQueenWestgoldbug

    Hey A Foreign? Affair (AFA) does not do internet chat. I Don’t think they ever have. As for class action lawsuit you clearly have never spoken with AFA. They have made it very clear to me that some people will not be successful.

    Yes Cary did go on a AFA tour and was not able to achieve his goal. After the tour he did internet chat with another site and decided to go to Ukraine himself. Not a smart idea guy. Thanks to AFA I didn’t fall for the chat scam.


  18. DatingReviewSite

    “A Foreign Affair” or? should be the subject of a class action lawsuit. Too many guys join this service thinking the women in the profiles is the one writing them which I belive total bullshit. How many times does someone travel overseas with only to find out the women they are looking to meet is a “No show”. These guys should be closed down.

  19. TheOfficialAFA

    You imply it’s an AFA affiliate – but it doesn’t help anyone for us to bicker here. You are giving some sound advice and I hope guys realize that, even though you CAN successfully move to Ukraine, it’s something that requires time, effort, resources, research, and money. Even at that point it’s a challenge, hopefully Cary? will make it home? all right.

  20. edcdreamvideos

    – I think I explicitly said that I did not blame AFA for this guy’s situation. He was not on a tour and AFA had no influence over the small agency he used. I did appreciate part of John Adams response when he said, “Do not write one single letter. Go over and meet the women. Unfortunately, many of the men want to write letters and I just? don’t think you need to do that.” Going alone is dangerous as is falling in love with a picture and a letter. The points have been made.

  21. TheOfficialAFA

    Mark – you are implying that? AFA has something to do with the situation Mr. Dolego (his first name is CARY, by the way) finds himself in currently. That is completely untrue. After attending a safe tour with AFA in March, he decided to sell all of his possessions and move to Ukraine for more than just finding love. This had nothing to do with A Foreign Affair and he was not on an AFA tour. Please be clear about this in your future posts, thanks.

  22. edcdreamvideos

    – You’re? right on the money! Most of the scams are related to advance communication before meeting in person.

  23. edcdreamvideos

    Thanks for all the great comments. I would encourage? you guys to re-visit the “What We Believe” tab on our website. COMMON SENSE GOES A LONG WAY! Sheesh! It also results in more happy couples – this guy is a poster child for the old systems and why they dont’ work.

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