Response to: ESPNs Jeremy Schaap interview with Manti Te’o – first time Teo has spoken to press

This video is my response to the breaking news of Jeremy Schaap of ESPN and his interview with Manti Te’o on the girlfriend hoax scandal. This video is just me talking and giving my opinion. I am not showing any video or photos. It is just me talking with the basic graphic. That is it. Here is a description of what I am talking about. I have also included some additional information to reference what I am discussing. Manti Te’o was attempting to offer an explanation of what happened with the fake girlfriend story that has taken the nation by storm. He sat down with ESPN’s Jeremy Schapp on Friday evening. It is odd is that Te’o decided to do this on a Friday night: It’s right out of the damage control PR playbook to put out damaging information on a Friday evening and hope that the information will get lost in the weekend’s news. It is also strange that Manti Te’o had had lawyer with him during the interview. If Teo is innocent and did not invent the fake girlfriend Lenae Kukua, then why have an attorney present during the interview? I don’t know if the interview is going to change anyone’s mind about whether or not Manti Teo is guily of being part of the hoax. It seems to me that people who suport him will keep saying that Te’o can do no wrong and those who don’t like him, will accuse hime of being a liar. Update: here is information about what Teo’ said when he was interviewed. : • He lied to his father about having met Kekua, prompting his father to tell reporters that

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