Response to: Manti Te’o , Lance Armstrong and Jodie Foster – Saturday Night Live (SNL)

This video is my response to Saturday Night Live’s opening sketch that was a parody of Pirers Morgan Tonight and made fun of a number of celebrities. This video is just me talking and giving my opinion. I am not showing any video or photos. It is just me talking with the basic graphic. That is it. Here is a description of what I am talking about. I have also included some additional information to reference what I am discussing. Well, here’s one way to catch up on all the happenings during the time off. Up first? Jason Sudeikis as Lance Armstrong, still “apologizing” for his actions without really doing so. “Am I sorry I did it? Yes. Ish. No.” Up next? Manti Te’o, played by…Bobby Moynihan? Sure, why not! Te’o seems still unaware of the extent of the hoax perpetrating upon him. Finally, Kate McKinnon appears as Jodie Foster (via “SNL” character Sally O’Malley, whom Foster herself seemed to invoke on Sunday) to explain the speech given at the Golden Globes. As per usual in the “Piers Morgan Tonight” segments, no one element gets enough air time to really land, but all are pleasant enough on their own. If this had just been Foster, we might have had something special. As such, this was a safe re-entry into the world of the show Read more at

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