Result-Oriented First Date Tips

If you’re searching for some effective first date tips lean back on your armchair and go on reading because this article is about the best first date tips for women and men. First, we’ll discuss about thinking ahead and getting ready, including how to dress and where to go for the date. Next, we’ll write about interaction and body language. Third, we’ll discuss about how to end the date and plan a second one.

The most important first date tips for women are about how you get dressed. If you’re a guy, your main goal is finding a suitable, fun and great location to take your date to. Try not to take her to a boring dinner or restaurant or cinema, instead try something more playful and interactive like a stand-up comedy show or a pool game. So girls, don’t forget not to dress too provocative on your first date, but you can do that on your next date. Don’t put on a mini skirt already, you might scare the man; put a dress on, or something comfy like blue jeans and an attractive top. If he takes you to a show, use a classy look, if the date is outside use a casual or sport outfit.

He is the one to lead this event, but not in a very controlling or rough way. He picks the place, he gives directions, he’s the master of ceremonies. Try to make contact with her body from the beginning, hug her when you meet, tell her she’s lovely. Be laid-back and don’t occupy her personal space too much. If you do, your body language will tell her you’re too needy. Flirt with her and keep eye contact with her. Back to the girls, Girls can laugh, can play with him, but more as a reaction to his actions, because if you show you’re too thrilled or you flirt twice as he does, you could intimidate the man.

Act normal and don’t get too close to him all of a sudden, but don’t show a tricky body language either, by keeping your focus on everything else but him and giving him short bored replies. Try to have fun and let the connection between you build up naturally.

At the end of the date plan with her a second date. Think where you’re going to meet and discuss about it right now, so you won’t have to delay a few days to call her again and ask her where would she like to go next. When you’re leaving she could wait for you to make out with her, but not all the time. If there is a great connection between you, and your bodies are comfortable together after touching her shoulders, her arms, her back numerous times, then she’s ready, so kiss her don’t refrain yourself. A good tip for ladies it’s to tease him a little bit at the end. If he’ll try to kiss you, push him back, but act as if you’d have liked it. And if he tries to make out with you again, push him back, pause for a second and give him a tiny kiss yourself. He’ll likely want to kiss you back straightaway, you can let him this time but the essential part is that he’ll want to see you again.

Practice these first date tips to enhance your dating life immediately. We pulled these together from dozens and dozens of relationships advices and they seem to be the most efficient first date tips for women and men anywhere in the world.

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