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  • Wondering whether your job title carries that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that reels in potential love interests? Keep reading…

    Words by Chantel Pereira

    With the soaring popularity of dating apps such as Bumble, Hinge, Tinder being met by the rising need to practise social distancing, the dating game has largely transcended into the digital realm – where people’s personalities and quirks are summarised into neat little information packets, called dating profiles.

    Strikingly similar to submitting a CV when applying for jobs, your dating profile is read and reviewed by potential suitors before being invited out for a date (or for the purpose of this metaphor, an interview).

    Therefore, it’s sometimes a little tricky to decide what and details to include and what to ditch in your profile as the competition is just as intense (if not slightly cattier). Add the strain of dating amidst a global pandemic – and you’ve got yourself a very stressful situation.

    The good news is that according to a study conducted by StandOut CV, some careers are more likely to generate those ‘swipe rights’ than others.

    This can be accredited to the fact that your job can speak volumes on who you are as a person. For example, it can paint a picture of how much free time you might have for dating, an estimate on the kind of income someone is pulling in or even if the person is more of a social butterfly or an intellectual.

    This is the ranking of careers based on their level of attractiveness:

    Most Right Swipes

    Web Designers – 82%

    Veterinarians – 79%

    Architects – 77%

    Doctors – 77%

    Marketers – 72%

    Lawyers – 70%

    Solicitors – 67%

    Journalists – 65%

    Civil engineers – 63%

    Psychologists – 61%

    However, some jobs have also been known to put off potential dating partners. The following jobs have been found to generate the least right swipes:

    Least Right Swipes

    Office Managers – 42%

    Police officers – 39%

    Sales people – 38%

    Accountants – 33%

    Receptionists – 30%

    Models – 28%

    Waiters – 27%

    Bus Drivers – 23%

    Influencers – 22%

    Politicians – 15%

    Following up on their study, StandOut CV asked Lee Chambers, an Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, to explain why some careers appear to be more attractive than others.

    ‘At a simple level, jobs that convey trust and ambition, such as lawyers and architects, are considered to be faithful, well paid and secure. Doctors and vets are seen as caring, knowledgeable and kind. While marketers and designers are thought of as having creative flair, being spontaneous and being full of big ideas’, explained Chambers.

    He also delved into why some careers might be less appealing stating, ‘On the other hand, politicians are in a position of authority, but most people feel they are untrustworthy. And influencers are often considered vain, exposed to society and not stable in the long term.’

    While this may have given your confidence a boost or shaken it a bit, it’s important to be aware that people can’t always be defined by their careers. Happy dating!

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