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IT’S the year 2020 and modern dating is now as easy as swiping left or right through an app on your phone, deciding whether someone is worth your time based off a couple of photos and a short bio.

While some people use the description space to provide details of their hobbies and interests, others get straight to the point telling potential mates exactly what they’re looking for.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, or so the saying goes, but the last thing you want to reel in is a catfish.

These two fellas are saving their suitors time and bait, telling it exactly like it is and keeping expectations low.

Toowoomba’s worst tinder profiles.

For fellas that get around town in a Toyota Yaris or their mum’s Barina, there’s more chance of picking up at The National on a Monday night than matching with Bec.

With that being said, labourers have moved to the front of the queue for her affections.

Toowoomba’s worst tinder profiles.

Lachlan may not be looking for love, he just doesn’t want to show up to his brother’s wedding alone.

But like the plot of a ‘90s rom-com, doing this fella a favour could turn into a whirlwind romance, all you have to do is keep up a conversation over Tinder for the next eight months.

Save the date ladies!

Unapologetic and straight to the point, this is the type of confidence that will ensure a good array of matches float Caley’s way.

As for the topic of whether a race is considered to be completed with one finisher or two, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Jack might have a dog, but he certainly doesn’t act like one.

Jack is looking for a stable relationship, but we’re not sure if he’s looking in the right place. However, we can respect the subtle way he has mentioned owning the much desired pet, which is likely to get Jack plenty of matches.

Tegan is trying a unique approach using toilet humour to catch the attention of a mate.

But whether the gents see her their perfect woman or just one of the boys, the next time you’re about to pass wind, you’ll think of Tegan’s thought-provoking question and wonder whether it will be silent and deadly, or a room cleaner.

When choosing between a dating app and appearing on popular dating show Married at First Site, Jake chose Tinder.

We’re not sure which one is less likely to find you a partner and we’re questioning Jake’s choices.

Was MAFS ever really an option Jake?

2020 is all about body positivity and we have no time for people like Jay.

What does he count as a “fatty girl”? Is Jay opposed to women with boobs and bums and other “fatty” regions of a woman’s body?

We think Jay probably needs a lesson from plus-sized queen Lizzo whose famous lyrics “No, I’m not a snack at all. Look baby, I’m the whole damn meal” have become a mantra for beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

You’ve got us here Ethan, your sense of humour is certainly dark.

We’re not sure if it’s still too soon to make this joke, or if it was just a poor attempt at humour.

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