Revealed: The UK’s scam hotspot


Norfolk is the dating fraud capital of the UK, according to a freedom of information request.

Consumer group Which? found 1.6 people per 10,000 had reported dating fraud in the country, versus the national average of 1.1.

Nationally 8,311 victims reported having been scammed by being convinced to send money to a prospective “lover”.

Victims, usually people older than 50, are often coaxed into thinking they are in a relationship with someone even though they have never met before.

The county was also the hotspot of reported lottery scams – where victims are duped into paying to enter a non-existent lottery (2.2 people per 10,000 compared with 1.0 nationally).

When it comes to investment scams the affluent London suburb of Surrey was the biggest hot spot with 2.1 reports per 10,000 people compared to 1.3 nationally.

Investment fraudsters typically cold call victims and convince them to invest in non existent shares, diamonds or property.

Gareth Shaw, Which? money expert, said: “As more information is available about us online than ever before, fraudsters are finding it much easier to know who to target and how.

“These criminals are constantly finding new ways to rip us off and those tackling fraud should be upping their game.

“The Government needs to set out an ambitious agenda to tackle fraud, while law enforcement agencies need to be working harder to identify and protect the people most at risk from fraud.”



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