Reverse Image Search, Spot a Scammer & Fake Profiles

This tutorial shows you how to do a reverse image search for a number of reasons. Reverse image search is when you have an image and you would like to know where it came from. It also gives you a number of tips to spot a fake profile, fake person and scammers (Particually dating /extortion). For more conclusive research, try this out: Join us on Facebook 🙂 Tools: Search IP Addresses: EXIF Images: Mac: Windows: Image, username, email address search search: Scam General: Scam Dating / Romance Specifically: People, Social Networking, Address & Phone Number Search: *

3 thoughts on “Reverse Image Search, Spot a Scammer & Fake Profiles

  1. Floris Baretta

    TinEye does NOT catch all the images on the net. About 50%. So do not? rely on it.

  2. Snaef98

    All this program is good for is lookin up old images you saved from the web if you ever want to find out where it came from. If its really old most likely you won’t get a hit or if you do the website? hosting the images have long since been shut down.

  3. Karan Bhatia

    but how do you search a person who has take n a small tile from a larger image and used the mugshot contained therein as a profile pic after appying image effects to make the pixels distinct from the original tile and the larger image

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