Richard Charles Brown


Richard Charles Brown is a liar and a cheater. He has cheated on every woman he has ever been with and there are probably hundreds. He makes women think they are paranoid and crazy but he is constantly juggling one girl or another. He denies all the infidelities until eventually proof is shown and he is cornered and then is flies into a rage. Turns out he has been doing this to many many women from LA to NY to Europe. Richard Charles Brown as gotten about six women pregnant that I know of.

How does he continue to get away with this? He is charming and good looking; he’s also a producer in the film industry and claims to have more power than he does. His pattern is to go after models and actresses. He says that he’s friends with celebrities and that he has many important projects in pre-production. Don’t believe him. Most people in the industry think he’s a fool primarily because of the lies he tells to everyone.

Richard Charles Brown has been physically abusive to me and at least two other women that I now know of. He pushed me hard a few times and almost hit me. If you have any doubts google his name “Richard Brown, Charlotte Kemp”. You will discover there’s even a song about him.

Richard Charles Brown has been described to me as a sociopath, pathological narcissist and a pathological liar.

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