The #most right-swiped #man reveals the #secrets of #online #dating


The 27-year-old-model from London celebrated his first anniversary with his girlfriend Gemma Fowler, 25 who is from Dublin. Stefan Pierre-Tomlin met his girlfriend after being named the most right-swiped man on the dating app Tinder. So, when he talks about dating and finding your loved one, it is certainly worth listening to.

Stefan revealed the secrets to successful dating on the online website ‘femail’. Stefan told that keeping the bio a bit catchy always helps. Also, Linking your profile to Instagram adds an extra layer to your Tinder profile. Interestingly, Stefan finds meeting a companion online better when compared to real life meeting.

Stefan says “I believe it’s the future. Having everyone in one place makes it so much easier to pick your match”. Stefan very particularly underlines the significance of a catchy bio but asserts on the point that it should not be an essay.

He also talks about the most awkward act in online dating, meeting the person in real. Stefan says that in mind, you should be clear in the first meeting as to what do you want from the meeting.

‘When you speak with someone that interests you, it’s very important to know what you want from that person so you should be transparent from the beginning.’

‘I was a quick mover I would never drag a conversation on for weeks a couple days of chat and then I would want to meet. You should be excited to meet that person so why wait?’ Stefan adds that once you start the chatting, always try to leave the sentence open.

The model, who is the face of 11 Degrees menswear, also lives with his girlfriend in London, had been single for two years before meeting Gemma, and promptly deleted his Tinder profile two months after they began dating.