Rita Adda


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:curtisssayida36@gmail.com

Scammer’s Country: Ghana

Scammer’s Email: sayidalovly417@gmail.com

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Asain Charm

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Contacted me through Asian charm though she is obviously not Asian. Asked me to send her a phone which like an idiot I did. To this day the phone is not active, she claims the chip is no good, Verizon assured me it is and it worked fine. I sent her the phone so we could video chat.Her initial name was Sayida Adams, when I called her on it she said she had been a scammer but didn’t do it anymore. I spoke with her twice, sort of a french accent, calls were always short as she claimed bad connections. Set up a video chat with me that was obviously a video loop, the same images ran over and over and she said her webcam was old and had no audio, She will tell you she loves you, talk about her mom and uncle and then constantly ask you for money. I never sent any and she accused me of letting here down.

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

What should I tell you darling
Me-You were going to tell me something, a secret

My Love I got a call from the security company in Ghana concerning my rand parents family treasure which the content is 280kgs of Alluvial gold. They deposited it in one of the security company in Accra. The company need my present immediately. Honey i want you to assist me so that i can be able to move the 280kgs of Alluvial gold to you immediately i get to the bottom of this. I will just get a lawyer that will make all the legal papers on your name as the owner and the beneficiary receiver to enable us move the gold to you. Let me know if you are capable to assist me. Tell me if i can count on you.
Me-Go ahead Rita….tell me your secret

I just sent you the message and the secret just read it baby

This is a secret even my uncle and Mom don’t knew about this
Me-Are you serious?

You are the love of my life that is why am sharing this to you baby
Don’t worry I know one day things will happen am not saying you should do this
But I have to tell you
I’m stunned by this, I thought you were penniless.
What can I do to help, yes, I will help
280K’s of gold must be a fortune

Me-I’m not here for your money Rita, I just want you here with me. If I have to stand by you to get this I will but don’t think I am out to profit off you. I love you money or not I don’t care.
But yes, you can count on me.
Are you there Rita?

Rita Adda/Sayida Adams—23 Simpson Street, Accra Ghana South Africa 00233
She them told me it would take months for this to happen and that I needed to send her money so she could buy Christmas Gifts….at that point I told her goodbye.

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