Robert Joseph Zeiler, Little Rock, AR


This man suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He only thinks about himself and no one else. He is a user and abuser. He is charming on the outside and will sweep you off your feet if you meet his standards. He will shower you with kind words, notes, gifts, etc for about 6 months. Then the real man shows up. You will wonder what happened to the overly attentive guy you met and you will try your hardest to get that man back. Don’t. All your efforts will be useless. He is only using you for an ego boost. He will keep you around but know that he is secretly searching for your replacement. He will message women on Facebook, will be on active dating sites, will email, text or call women he just met to get an ego boost or to set up a sexual encounter. He loves no one. Not even his family. He is 41years old never married. Only 4 meaningful relationships that account for only 7 years of his life. He cannot maintain a lasting relationship because he cannot commit, be faithful, love on a mature level. He is an emotional retard. He will not be emotionally available to you. He will use you as a sex object…never will you experience an emotional connection through sex. He may try to financially ruin you. Please research Narcissistic Personality Disorder before becoming involved with this man. He is a control freak and a manipulator. If you have kids, please reconsider dating this man. He cares for no one and will use your kids to his advantage. But when the relationship is over he will discard you and them like trash. A relationship with this man is emotionally draining. He is a parasite. He will put you through an emotional hell.

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