Robert Terrence Dixon, Farrockaway, Queens. (Also known as Traum)

He is a liar, a user, a cheat and a thief. Even if you have known him for 17 years he would still steal your money and your jewelry. He tells you he loves you but he really doesn’t. He just says it so that he can get what he wants from you. He would propose to you, without a ring and ask you to have his baby, while doing the exact same thing with other women at the same time. He would sleep with any and every woman that he comes into contact with, even married ones. He would promise you the world, but instead take it from you. When he is caught stealing from you, he would then insult you, call you names and act as though he did absolutely nothing wrong. He wants you to believe that he is a good guy, but he is no such thing. He is the devil in disguise. He is a “rapper” and has a company called “Masta Mix Records” yet he has no money and his bank statement is always at zero. If he ever admits to cheating on you, he would say that he did it for you. (How sweet of him.) I am sure he even steals from the people he works with and his clients. He has no heart and doesn’t know the meaning of the word love.

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