Robin is an absolute whore, who has no respect for neither her nor anyone else’s relationship. She was married when we found out that she was having sex with a mutual friend. Shortly after she got divorced (while continuing to be the whore for two other guys I know, she had claimed she’s in a relationship with a client of hers (this guy, obviously had a good paying job, something that Robin has always been after: men with money) this dude, clearly blinded by her fake personality and flirtatious behavior had no idea that while she was dating him, she never gave up on arranging fuck parties with the other two guys. she got cut cheating but ended up marrying her client out of desperation. It’s true that if you’re ugly on the outside, you are most likely worse on the inside. Women like Robin Black need to be recognized as whores and tagged as one, for public to know and stay away from.

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