Romance Tour Live Video (Inside Perspective)

*A small, preselected group of men come to meet also well screened ladies in a ratio of 1 man to 10 ladies. *45 days prior to the Event, the men (as FHDating enlisted Premium Members) can freely contact all the ladies they like on our website and choose who will attend the Event. *All Transfers, accommodations and daily transportation are guaranteed and included during the Event. *Each man will have a private assigned interpreter/assistant throughout their stay. *Reception Party/Dinner on arrival day in local Casino is included. *Second day Private Lunch With Interpreters prior to Group Event is included. *During the 5 hour Event, 3 rounds of food and drinks are included. *Third day Countryside Lunch with a Guest Lady from the Event is also included. All of this is supervised and coached by our CEO resident in Ukraine, making our Events a Unique Proven Model of Success with permanent future couples!

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