#romancescams | 3 scams top the cyber threat list for 2019

(WZAW) — For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, USAA is telling consumers how to protect their online accounts against emerging threats and how to respond if they experience an online crime.

36 rising high school juniors and seniors were selected from a pool of more than 100 applicants to attend GenCyber, a week-long crash course in all things cybersecurity hosted by Augusta University.

Stacey Nash, who leads the Enterprise Fraud Management team at USAA, joined the Deep Bench on Wednesday, to show why each consumer should be aware of current cyber threats to themselves and their families.

Nash said the top scams in 2019 were:

Impostor scam: How fraudsters are trying to trick you to reveal your banking info

Employment scam: Criminals paying for services with bad checks

Romance scam: An online relationship where someone is tricked into sending money

Phishing e-mails: Dangerous malware and ransomware from clicking an email link

Nash said cybersecurity experts recommend the use of multi-factor authentication on all accounts, monitoring of both accounts and credit reports, and vigilance in responding to scams.

For more information, visit: usaa.com/securitycenter

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