#romancescams | LA man’s 24hr Mexico trip on New Year’s Eve turns into fleeting romance and night in jail

Twitter is a beautiful place and sometimes more often than not we come across such stories on social media that leave us saying WHAAAT? This next story is one of those.

Los Angeles resident Andrew Kimmel had an experience at the New Year’s eve that he will never forget. It involves scams, a really quick romance and a night in a Mexican jail.

Kimmel took to Twitter to share the entire story in detail. He tagged American Airlines in his tweet because the Airline plays somewhat a vital part in the story. American Airlines had asked Kimmel to pay Rs 1,34,551 (USD 1,875) to maintain his frequent flyer status. Instead of that, Kimmel booked a return ticket to Mexico for a 24 hr flight which cost him Rs 28,704 (USD 400).

This was a good decision, right? Saved him a lot of money. But Kimmel had no idea what was in store for him.

For his 24 hour long trip to Mexico, Andrew had booked a cheap hotel room and rented a car, he went out to eat dinner and after that, he thought of hitting some bars.

That is where things started taking a turn.

Kimmel wrote, “At the last bar of the evening, I was presented with a bill for over $300. I had two beers. The bar manager said I needed to pay or he’d call the police. I give him my credit card and it was declined due to fraud protection, which I found out today as my phone had died earlier.”

This is when the Mexican Police came in.

30 minutes in the jail turned into several hours. Finally explaining, how he got bailed out, Kimmel wrote, “I doze off. I’m awoken several hours later by an officer. “Your friend pay bail.” I’m given my belongings and shoved outside where a woman from Kenya was waiting for me. “I heard what happened when you came in, so I figured you could use some help.””

His new friend from Kenya was in Jail because she did not pay her Uber driver. Kimmel wrote, “I thank her over & over and ask what she was arrested for. I ordered an Uber and the driver said I didn’t pay. So now the two of us start walking to nowhere and spot a guy chilling in his car. We ask for directions back to the marina and he instead offers us a ride.” This is when Kimmel’s journey back home without his passport and no cash started.

He explains, “I have no clue what I’m going to do. I call passport control in the States to report a stolen passport. They tell me to call the local embassy. I call and they’re closed. I ask my new friend to wait in the car at the airport as I run to the airline desk. It’s now 3:00 pm.”

He continues, “I tell the airline agent what happened and ask if there is anything I can do to get home. I show her my Real ID and a photo of my passport. She gets on the line with CBP and somehow arranges for me to jump on the last flight out without a passport.”

He continues, “I run back to my friend in the rental car, tell her I can make the last flight out, but I needed more money. At this point, I’m losing my s**t over just about everything, and she grabs my hand, tells me it’ll be ok and then kisses me. I kiss back. What is happening?”

To conclude his 24 hours, Kimmel wrote, “So to sum it up, I was Rs 19,734 (USD 275) short for status… was given an offer to maintain for Rs 1,34,551 (USD 1875), took a Rs 28,704 (USD 400) flight to spend 24hrs in Mexico after 20 hrs travel the day before & ended up in a Mexican jail with no passport, a Rs 25,116 (USD 350) bail bill, & an African crush. Happy new year everyone!”

The thread on Twitter went viral resulting in a meme fest. Have a look.

What did you think of the story?

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