#romancescams | Police chat about scams at Mackay university

On Monday, February 24, I had the good fortune of being invited to the Senior Citizens hall on Macalister Street to give a presentation to the U3A (University of the Third Age) in Mackay.

The boundaries for the presentation were simple; I was asked to talk about issues linked to relevant scams in our district.

A very large turn out from the U3A Mackay group

The last published ACCC annual report into scams indicated that the age demographic of Australian residents, aged 55 years and over, were one of the most highly victimised by scams; losing exorbitantly large amounts of money and identifying information.

We never miss an opportunity to interact with those in this age bracket.

Specifically discussed in this instance was the sophistication of modern romance scams including how the romance scammers identify a target, whether or not they target people in specific circumstances, how they plan their approach and what they are seeking.

The ongoing issue of criminals stealing personal information and using it to commit identity crime was also discussed.

Prevention and protection methods for both of these issues (romance scams and identity crime) were touched on, as well as identifying who to turn to for help if you are ever victimised in this way.

As of last Friday (21 February) we were advised to expect a maximum of 30 attendee’s for this U3A presentation.

Well over double this amount actually came on the day itself which was an incredible turn out – thank you very much for your support yesterday.

We would happily return any time in the future to work with you again!


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