Is this the most romantic GRAPH you’ve ever seen? Super-cute chart traces marriage proposal


At first glance it looks like a boring old graph – numbers, lines, points, date…zzzzz.

But closer inspection reveals what could be the most romantic collection of number, lines and points ever.

Because this graph charts the exact moment Anthony O’Malley unexpectedly popped the question to his now fiancée Tais.

After tricking the love of his life into wearing a heart monitor on a hike in Brazil, Anthony was able to pinpoint the second when he asked for her hand in marriage.

The graph first details Tais’s heart rate as he reads out a poem called Christmas Present. And the results aren’t anything to be proud of.

Reddit A man recorded his girlfriend's heart rate as he proposed to her

But as the poem ends and he drops to one knee, her heart skips a beat and soars to almost 150 beats per minute before she says yes.

A slow dance by a waterfall to celebrate steadies her nerves before the rate returns to something approaching normal.

Anthony, originally from California, later shared his momentous chart on Reddit, calling it “data is beautiful”.

And the couple were touched when the graph went viral, with the pair receiving virtual high fives from around the world.

Anthony told The Independent: “I am so happy I did it because it is a memory I can keep forever in physical form.

“I have the graph already printed out and framed so that I can be reminded each and every day of that incredible memory.

“I can see and feel each peak in heart rate. I can remember every high and exactly when it happened. It is a picture that draws questions and I just love it.”



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