Roxanne Caza Laval Quebec, Canada

I have been with my husband for 38 years married for 17 of those years, we have 2 boys together they are both his. My husband is a musician but not one who ever strayed because when ever he played I was with him because of the groupie s****. Our oldest now plays in the band with him…..

Last year they were doing a show and a girl who we were both friends with started private messaging him on facebook the next day. I knew nothing about it. He had a daytime job but lost it in January and I started working in March doing 12 hours a day also at the same time he started doing small gigs in a restaurant on Thursday nights. I would go for an hour then leave as I had to get up early but as I left she would show up. Then one Friday night he did not come home till the next day and said we needed to talk…..he had fallen in love with someone else. He moved out that same Saturday after a few days I found out who it was…..was totally floored she is just a s*** w****. I am at a loss as what to do when we private message we fight like crazy…when he comes here (as his mail is still coming here because he cannot give her address as she is on welfare) we get along alright.Please help I need info on what to do.



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  1. Don B.

    In that first photo, she’s pointing towards the mothership landing.

  2. yo

    Get busy. Focus on other people, your kids…your friends…Pursue hobbies…go out with friends…go to the gym…engage in physical exercise. You may not feel like it but do it. It will benefit you physically and emotionally. He may tire of this klingon when her newness wears off. He will see the happy carefree woman you have once again become and may want to reconcile. Then you can tell him you met someone else while he was with that ugly woman. Too bad for him.

  3. yo

    You asked for advice. Dont do anything rash, like set fire to his clothes. Collect evidence of his philandering. Resist temptation to scream at him. Change your bank accounts and dont give him the pin numbers. Change the locks on the house. You dont want him (or her) coming over while you are not home, taking things out of the house. If you ever have to appear before a judge, make sure it is known that HE abandoned the family home and was unfaithful. You dont want to have to pay him spousal support.

  4. Rhondas From GA are HOs

    That S L U T has a 5 head, she skipped having a forehead. Dumb dumb home wrecking W H O R E S. I hate them.

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