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THE wife of TV tough guy Donal MacIntyre is now dating the bodyguard she hired to protect her from thugs out to get her husband.

40-year-old Ameera, who ranted on social media about her “lying, cheating scumbag” husband Donal, has now supposedly fallen for her personal protection officer Russell Smith.


Body guarded . . . Donal MacIntyre’s wife (right) has fallen for their family bodyguard Russell Smith (pictured left)Credit: Twitter
 TV hardman . . . Donal MacIntyre and his wife Ameera at a Christmas party in Covent Garden


TV hardman . . . Donal MacIntyre and his wife Ameera at a Christmas party in Covent GardenCredit: Wenn

The couple have been seeing each other for six months and are now planning to move in together.

The mum-of-three said: “I’m so happy to have a lovely fella like Russ by my side after a tough time. He makes me feel safe for the first time in a long while.”

Ameera’s 39-year-old toy boy partner Russell is also married with three children and claims he split with his wife, Emma, before starting the relationship with Donal’s wife.

He was employed to protect Donal’s family after the undercover Irish investigator moved out of the family home.

The family feared that Donal’s hardman TV exploits in shady underworld goings-on would make them a target of revenge plots.

A source said: “Ameera was left heartbroken after splitting from Donal, after all they have been through because of his work.

“She hired Russell when Donal left because she didn’t feel safe alone with the kids.

“He was also going through a split. It was a difficult time for both of them and they just hit it off.

The bodyguard had reportedly known Donal, 50, for years and attended many events with the couple.

The Source added: “They’ve grown closer and closer over the months. It’s nice to see Ameera smiling again.”

 Not so happy family . . . 'How could you ruin this beautiful family?' said Ameera on Facebook


Not so happy family . . . ‘How could you ruin this beautiful family?’ said Ameera on FacebookCredit: Photoshot

Earlier this year Russell was forced to call police to Ameera’s Surrey home after a thug ambushed her shouting: “Where’s your fucking grass of a husband?”

Her nine-year marriage to Donal saw the couple and their kids move houses 10 times in attempts to avoid enraged villains and football hooligan gangs targeted in Donal’s Uncovered TV series.

Their relationship problems were uncovered last year when Ameera took to Facebook to expose her husband as a cheater.

She claimed he had an affair, writing: “Lying, cheating scumbag. How could you ruin this beautiful family???”

He denied her claims and now bodyguard Russell’s wife Emma insisted last night her marriage could be salvaged.

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