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  1. The12081204

    Guys be realistic,,,, How can You expect that a woman in? her 20’s could fall in love with an old man over 50 years old? Come on !! they just want your money dont be so naive !!!

  2. Mickey Ram

    right now i am sure that for the past 2 weeks i receive to my email a scam Russian emails from a girl who keep insist she love me and want a true friendship or maybe a marriage in my country? and still keep send me more and more pics of her which i am doubt they are real.
    i don’t know , but i can’t still understand or recall where did she find my email address.

  3. RussianBrideReality

    Do NOT trust ANY company who claims you can actually meet the hundreds of beautiful women in their database. Unfortunately in most cases the lady you see in the photo is NOT the one answering those overpriced e-mails or talking on live chat. It’s? often a company employee, maybe even a man!
    Be smart fellas. It’s just entertainment. Not much different than phone sex.
    Check out my FREE reality videos on this topic.

  4. Vozteck5

    i met a girl who i met in NYC who came out and told me that she used to scam guys for their money and she told me how everything is done. how she used skype made seven different FBs’ and different IDs to fool guys and she is only 21. when i get free time i play with? this scammers telling them to sent me photos of them cause i want to sent them money lol and taking photos of them in skype then posting them throught FB try it it’s funwhen they start asking why they didn’t get the money lol

  5. Isaachtft

    My friend , I appreciate the warning but there’s really no way I am going to Russia after some woman I met through the? internet.
    You should be more careful about this online – dating relationship thing.

  6. mmesniya

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  7. TheChristinacrw

    date an Russian? women and marry her gettop5.info

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