24 thoughts on “Russian Mail Order Bride Scam

  1. Poopy Diaper

    Wow, there’s actually such a thing as mail order brides in real life??? I always thought that it was just a random funny thing that Smosh came up with!? What a strange business!

  2. Svetlana Svet

    It’s really ridiculous in the video with? another guy and another girl “He is really into you!” WTF, it’s first time he sees her! hormones rule, what love? Love requires long time spent together, life together, common interests… nothing of that can be seen in one short meeting

  3. Svetlana Svet

    I see no scam here. It would be scam, if she only took money from him and never came to see her. 5 short meetings is not enough time? to decide if the couple should be together. Only when people live together, they understand if they fit or not. Sometimes after one month everything is clear. If she were dishonest, she would get his money, she would not go for an interview, but lied that she did not get a visa etc.

  4. 2011blueman

    Yeah, ha. Sorry I wasn’t even listening to the words, every time I hear that song I? just think of the girls kissing.

  5. Rj Lewis

    After having been around this particular block? all I can say is….avoid Ukrainian women like the plague!!!

  6. Igor Priladyshev

    that song says: They? not going to get us. Understand?

  7. Igor Priladyshev

    red flag for both…. can understand? – buy her a dress, send her “supportive” 500 usd per month x 2-3 months and then she comes. 2-3 motnhs needed to know each other better and otain a visa. point. How can you waste your time and money foe years ??????

  8. jonniebakstix

    A sad tail no? pussy a 3 years worth of payments @ 60 pounds a month………..Jeez Dave you coulda been buyin so ho’s all that time..

  9. lawshorizon

    I think you missed the point. It’s true, what you say, but how many men deliberately take (or? ask for) money from rich but ugly women? — not many, I guess. This woman is deliberately bleeding any sucker that comes along.

  10. Jelle G

    Put the 60 ponds every month in repair? of your house Dave .

  11. Andrew Sirio

    Poor? bastard, but he brought it upon himself, little sympathy
    she is s a dirty Russian mole

  12. tarkusmorbelius

    I lived in Russia, and believe me, when she saw his puke-green walls and greyish-brown refrigerator, I’m? SURE she “felt at home.” All you people defending the guy and shaming the woman, do you not realize that living in semi-poverty in the UK is basically no better than semi-poverty in Russia? He’s not attractive, not rich, doesn’t have a nice house, they don’t speak the same language, he doesn’t seem to have much personality. I wouldn’t have gone in the first place but I deffo wouldn’t stay.

  13. 2011blueman

    Why do they keep playing the lesbian tatu song?

    Anyway, I see a lot of old guys with unrealistic expectations of finding a 20? something trophy wife without the requisite trophy bank account.

  14. Schwing97

    He had it coming. Why did she? want to be with him? They’re so desperate sometimes. Pathetic.

  15. kay poly

    dave had a dream and so did the golddigging eastern european whores who dream of rich western man,but on coming to the UK. the russian slut finds out ohh! am actually going from bad? to worse,i mean can’t u see dave house looks like a house in kazachstan?

  16. TheAmphicyon

    I’ve been to Russia twice. I liked the? country and while the women are beautiful I fell in love with their pop music. I ended up hating american music and ended up buying CD’s galor. If you go online to date or marry, I feel sorry for you.

  17. deanc2000

    I don’t think Alexandra was a scam. She gave him a chance. She stayed at his pigsty for a good month. That was more than enough time to decide whether his “lifestyle” passed HER test. Unfortunately, Dave failed her? test and she went back to her lifestyle.

  18. deanc2000

    It’s really funny how he’d known her for 3 YEARS, and when? she arrived she didn’t speak one word of English. If I were Dave, that would have been one huge red flag.

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