Russian Online Dating Scams Part 1.mp4


Don’t be a victim, do your homework so you don’t get scammed.


22 thoughts on “Russian Online Dating Scams Part 1.mp4

  1. FreakyScaryChannel

    SLC, Utah… Home of the 2002 winter Olympics…?

  2. FreakyScaryChannel

    I have been all over the world… My top three picks for abundant? beautiful ladies are Moscow, Kiev and SLC… Factoring in the Language barrier, SLC wins hands down…

  3. MrBLawson85

    I’d expect to find a freakyscary? mormon lady in utah.

  4. k4u1963

    You say there are links below this video. I dont see them.?

  5. hlife39

    I would not? trust Alenasmodels site, just a meat market of girls of which none appear to be screened these days?. Had some horrible experiences meeting scammers online there.

  6. whata86

    That is? a good question, And i honestly have no idea why. It could be society. most American women are stuck up.Maybe German women are more down to earth, I dont know

  7. whata86

    you may be right about how crazy american women are. but not everyone is? that desperate. I dont like bar girls

  8. whata86

    Coming from someone who is from Germany, I’ll take that as a compliment. ?

  9. FreakyScaryChannel

    Come to Utah… We are crawling with beautiful ladies… No agency necessary… ?

  10. OhSryOwned

    Also, be? leery of high response rates, as this might be an indication that they’re just out for money.

  11. OhSryOwned

    Also watch out on alanasmodels. There’s a lot of very attractive women from? Kiev, Ukraine. I suspect some of them to me fake.

  12. OhSryOwned

    There a few websites? that have some reports of hiring models to get on webcams. One thing you should watch out for here is time differences. If you get on at 5:00PM EST, it’s 1:00AM in Moscow.

  13. delevero2

    There are many good but also some bad girls. Notise if she ask or kind of make you feel like you are expected to buy her clothing or other things.. In general only give her gifts at her birthday. If you marry someone then make paperwork? so she will not get anymoney if you get divorsed ( cover your ass ) Be realistic about age. a 60year with an 18 year girl = unrealistic.. most young girls want children, and will leave if you do not want family. Young girl will find younger man 4-5year later

  14. delevero2

    A recommend anastasiadate or dream-marriage ( do not use yeva4u it feel fake and people are unserious ) I have for some years been on several dates with real girls.. . I have been engaged 1 time? with ukrainian girl but she changed her mind later.. after that I was on many dates, and one bit party with 500+ ladys and they where real. In general use you mind and do not buy expensive gifts for your lady, she shall take you for you and not the money.

  15. Reporter40

    So how much are you being paid by elenamodels? Why do all the female portraits on Elena have the same story? not a single “real” woman has her own unique personality…An can you back up your words about? Elenamodels? So called testimonials on her site, or on other sites can be easely “modified”. All? in all, your words are empty.

  16. ANGELBLU2042

    Many of the Russian and Chinese women come to the us and will do anything for a buck, they wil play a man up, but behind your back they think nothing of sleeping with multiple men, they’ll take advantage to get what? they? want. But then that comes from being use to socialist living.The typical American women have more conscious.

  17. RussianBrideReality

    If you want to know the whole truth about mail order brides or international romance you should check out this video. It’s great! He’s not trying to sell you? anything, just trying to give you some good honest tips about how it really works.

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