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SEDA Abreeza moves ahead of its peers and skips one red-letter day to focus on another—the day of hearts, their first event for 2020. Valentine’s Day is busier for the city than Chinese New Year. So busy that it causes heavy traffic on the streets. The scene is pretty much that of a Holiday rush, on a weekend, with the malls open for Midnight Sale. Lovers eager to spend the day, wine and dine or whatever will get the message of “you’re my forever” through. Miracles still happen.

But for something good and great, you don’t have to wait for miracles. Tried and tested no matter what time of year, Misto at Seda will always deliver what your craving palate or heart desires—good food. Consistent good food. It’s no wonder why they end up on lists of best dining places in the city, like Philippine Tatler’s, where Misto is on it (again) for four years in a row. Yes, they’re doing something right. Consistently.

So how are they prepping up for Valentine’s Day? First, they are sprucing up the restaurant with a refreshed look. That’s something to look forward to. How it will look nobody knows.

Second, they are redefining “dating.” The general manger said, “Valentine’s Day is not just about two people sharing the day. It’s about celebrating special moments and relationships. Relationships with loved ones, with the family, with good friends. It’s about dining together.” Makes sense.

At the heart of the gathering on the day of hearts is food, the third part of Misto’s offering. On the appointed day, a five-course dinner with wine pairing and buffet will be on the menu board. Having a taste of the food earlier, I would say pick up that phone and reserve a table for Valentine’s dinner.

Everything on the set menu is good from the Amuse-bouche to the desserts (that’s plural. There are three kinds on the plate with the dreamy dark chocolate cake topped with strawberry). The main course will surprise you, the Pan-seared Salmon with Lemon Butter Prawn Sauce and Saffron Asparagus Rice. The fish is coated with a reduction of prawn sauce and butter giving the dish two distinctive flavor profiles with each bite.

Of course, no Misto special meal is complete without the heavenly signature dish—the slow-cooked Angus Roast Beef Short Plate. The so tender and tasty beef can easily draw out the I love you’s from anyone who takes a bite.

Go ahead, book a table, or several tables. Make it a truly special day for everyone special.

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