Samer Sobhy Said, Lilydale/Doncaster, Victoria, Australia


Hi, My name is Sarah. This is me in the photo with Sam.

Had been with Sam for over 15 years.
He is a bigamist.
He lied to me about his wife, Enass, told me he was separated from her.
He was not. He only said it to keep me.
He lived a double life and was darn good at concealing everything.
He promised all the marriage and family and business together and house together.
Them promises dragged on for well over ten years.
He dangled money and a good life in my face for many years, but never did anything.

Sam is extremely self important and one sided. He has a very low opinion of females, is great at making girls cry, and absolutely does not care for what they may go through.
He becomes abusive if a lady wants to talk, but when he wants to talk, the woman will be abused if she is not there.
He is extremely controlling and gets everything his way, a master manipulator and con man.

In April 2013 he moved in to a small unit on Swansea Road, Montrose. In June of 2013 he became more and more abusive, his sex habits changed and I confronted him about cheating and he said no.
Then, in July he had a full mental and physical breakdown in front of me and four weeks later admitted he had someone else.

He solely has blamed me for every single thing that has gone wrong and absolutely has refused to see that he has made any errors at all. I have been told in no specific terms that I have F****d everything all by myself.

I had an AVO on him from April 2012, to April 2013, he even breached that on several occasions. Phone calls and driving past my house.
Police did nothing.

New Years Eve 2012 he started harassing me again for weeks until I gave in. And so the crap continued.

He is an extreme emotional and mental abuser, to the core, and I do not say this part lightly. He will happily and without remorse or guilt, destroy any woman just so he can get his way and win all the time. He plays mind games and becomes abusive and has severe bouts of manic depression.

Dangles money and a good life in your face, but does nothing.
If he does not want to talk, he wont. Openly and nasty and unsupportive in every way.
If he does not want to see a person, then he wont.
Whatever he wants with no regard for anyone else.

And I am not just hurting because he is a cheating bigamist but because quite simply, this guy is the pick of the bunch. A true master manipulator and con man. And I got suckered in for years.

The relationship was so bad that I actually recorded many of our conversations on mobile phones.
Abusive behind closed doors, sickly sweet in public, and if asked, he flatly denies the relationship, all 15 years of it.
A weak man, a true coward. The ongoing hurt, I try to leave and he comes back…time and time again.

Now, the new stupid biatch can have him.
He did a good job of stuffing his first wife, I have been mentally scarred and damaged beyond actual repair so now he can have a good go at this new one…Both of his kids are emotional train wrecks…in 15 years he never ever let me meet his kids, not even once. Yes, that kind of emotionally dead and nasty man.

Sam is the kind of guy that other men loathe.
Because he destroys women.

So at the end of all that, I wasted 15 years for absolutely nothing.

Dont worry im going legal…

He is about 5’6 or so. Very short brown hair, clean shaven, brown eyes and olive skin, he has a round face with big nose, he hovers between obese and fat and has shocking teeth.

Currently owns some donut stores around the Doncaster, Lilydale area and drives a white Jeep Cherokee.

Samer Sobhy Said
DOB – March 8, 1968.
He is Egyptian.

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