Samiratu Awal


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Samiratuawal

Scammer’s Country: Ghana

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This Scammer send out multiple photos and asks for money to be sent to Ghana , she apparently is from Denmark living in Ghana with her mother . They use a story that she used to be a porn star if challenged about her picture , she will try and get you to send money Via moneygram

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Samiratu Awal

Active 2 h ago

What is you house like there do you have a picture

I need to go and do some work now but I will be back soon , while I am away would you send me a photo of you which you have . Talk soon


Samiratu Awal ([email protected])

Yes you are right as you can see you really need to find someone with who you will be happy one day and someone who will love from her heart not because of what you have and you have to be very careful about your life now days . well as for our house photos let me try and get it for you to see how it look it not that Good as yours and send me your photos i want to see your photos Ok

we live here in a rental

and this photos of me here hope you will like them

Samiratu • 14:01

Have you coloured your hair last when we spoke months ago it was blonde


Samiratu Awal ([email protected])

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