Sandy Hook Hoax, Te’o Girlfriend Hoax DEPROGRAMMING Guide – 9/11 Repeats

I don’t watch TV. I was at a bar and that Manti Te’o guy(sp?) was on TV. His whole story turned out to be a HOAX. I have no idea who he is and I don’t really know what the story is but the thing that got me thinking is how the media is making a big deal out of this, the timing of this story, and the frequent use of the word HOAX. For the ‘conspiracists’, ‘truthers’, ‘awake’, whatever you call us, the big story at the moment is the Sandy Hook HOAX. Many, many people who are NOT truthers are learning about the Sandy Hook HOAX and questioning the official story… So much so that Mainstream Media has taken steps to try to debunk the Sandy Hook Truthers. All of a sudden, all over TV, is a football player from a football powerhouse school, and his girlfriend is the big HOAX. Are they trying to confuse and distract us? Sex is often used to sell, and football is used to preoccupy, are the powers that be trying to ‘redirect’ the attention of the masses by dangling football and sex in front of them, while pounding the word HOAX into living rooms around the world, in an effort to diffuse the interest in the SANDY HOOK HOAX?” – Anonymous, January 21st 2013

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