Savvy singleton shares easy Tinder hack that lets you see who’s liked your profile and people are instantly hooked | #tinder | #pof

A SAVVY singleton has revealed how you can view who likes your profile on Tinder, in a viral video.

TikTok user Sasha shared the trick on her account, revealing how she can see her admirers, something usually reserved for paying Tinder Gold users.


A woman has revealed how to find out who has ‘liked’ you on Tinder, by using the desktop appCredit: sexysquash/TikTok

She begins by opening the app on her desktop and clicking on the “likes” tab, where she is met by a page of user profiles that are all blurred.

She then right clicks on one of the profile images and scrolls down to select “inspect.”

It will take you to a new page with the image html code on the right, she repeats the process, clicking inspect again.

She then scrolls through the code until she finds the word “blur” and she simply deletes it from the code, and presses the return button.


She right clicks on the image of the user, clicks inspect, repeats the process and then removes the word “blur” from the html codeCredit: sexysquash/TikTok


This removes the blur, meaning you can see your admirers Credit: sexysquash/TikTok

The blur is removed before her very eyes, with delighted Sasha squealing, “Boom!”

The video has received more than two million views, with grateful singletons thanking her for taking some of the mystery out of dating.

Several other TikTok users have tried the trick and have confirmed it worked, though some have pointed out that you may have to right click the html code and select “edit html” to delete the word “blur.”

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