Scam Report – Whistle-blowing on International Online Dating Schemes

_________________________ CLICK TO TWEET This was an eye-opening Webinar for many men who had no idea what really goes on in the cubicle offices of translators for online letter-writing international dating website companies. Rick came back from living in Poltava Ukraine after interviewing several of these translators and seeing for himself how corrupt these companies can be. Obviously, we developed The Quest System to completely bypass these problems, but it is important that you know what can happen if you aren’t informed. To learn more about International dating and how to do it scam-free be sure to pick up your free copy of “How to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams” at


23 thoughts on “Scam Report – Whistle-blowing on International Online Dating Schemes

  1. TheRonmaio

    i did this trip. Some girls are scammers,NOT ALL OF THEM. PEOPLE TALK SHIT ABOUT THINGS THEY DO NOT KNOW.I had? the time of my life its real but you need to know how to avoid the scammer

  2. Anneth Karlsson

    Do not be shock for the truth is already been news broadcasted either in TV or in radios, newspapers & various victims had testified even in in ternet. These websites operators or agenturs are earning lots of money & free tax is like a mafia activities.The same thing with these women on their database that are working with these agenturs and everything are being well-planned .Interpreters are corrupts too .Go there & know all? their secrets & interview those who were victims of scam

  3. tonybochene

    Huh again??? I think I’ll need? a translator for this one.

  4. Anneth Karlsson

    Ukrainian & Russian? women are good to mate with the Africans guys. All of them mostly are romance scammers just like these leeches Agenturs.same feathers flock together.Why not Obama, Clinton not involved in marrying Ukraine nor Russian women? I think American women still the best for them. Only fools and adulterous make adventure to find wives from these former communist/socialist country.It is poverty that tyhese women really want to get out from their country & soon your pockets will run out!

  5. Anneth Karlsson

    This European dream connection is also a crap.? All of you in these mail brides websites operating as agencies or agenturs for these ukrainian & Russian women and so these women for sale, for dating&marriage are full of shits & frauds and you are all the menace of our modern societies.It is the greed of money.YOU CANNOT BUY TRUE LOVE. YOU CAN BUY SEX & that is what you are doing. Good marriages do not mean that Ukrainian &Russian are best for marriage, may be in bed for a moment .STOP UR SCAMS.

  6. RussianBrideReality

    Years ago I actually met a Russian MAN in St. Petersburg who worked in a boiler room operation for Anastasia, writing romantic form e-mails
    He laughed about the stupid Amerikanski’s who were falling in love with him!
    Also just met a young guy here in Medellin Colombia a few? months ago who worked for two different “dating” sites. He was one of the most popular “women” in their database.
    So if you’ve been falling in love with a gorgeous foreign pen pal
    Better go wash your brain out with soap!

  7. RussianBrideReality

    The good girls are there, millions of them
    But you have to go there to meet them
    And? once you meet them, just like here in the states, you need to spend a lot of time with a woman to know who she really is and what her motives are

  8. RussianBrideReality

    Internet dating is NOT a normal part of these cultures
    They are very communal societies and men and women meet each? other in public
    So a vast majority of the women on the sites and at the big parties for AFA and Anastasia, are desperate or damaged, or both
    Actually the Russian gals have a nickname for the big gang tour socials. They call it “The broken Girls Club.”
    Anastasia pays the girls to do live chat, they pay them for e-mails, and they pay them to come to the socials. That’s not dating.

  9. RussianBrideReality

    The good girls are there, in all these countries. I know? because I’ve been there. Again, and again, and again….
    Yes he’s right. A vast majority of all the crap online is just that “Crap”
    Virtually ALL the profiles are suspect, and the average guy is not going to figure it out until he’s into it for 5-6 months.
    The average rip-off a few years ago was $300-500. Now it’s up to a whopping $900-$1,500 per man!

  10. choxblox

    Have you been duped and would you like? to blow your whistle? You can do it on YouTube. See YouTube video “Corruption, whistle-blowing and vandalism, Simplified”.

  11. barnettiscool

    Maybe it is me wanting too much!She realy doesn’t speek too much or talk about her problems.I remember one time she told me that I am not ukranian’I woudn’t understand.She has cursed me out in english and russian but then a minute later she will smile at me and kiss me.WTF!!!!Totally diffrent than these over weight pill fucked women here in the USA.Yes you? are right she will walk her ass off but she don’t have a big ass’I guess thats the reason why.
    She is cool .I do love her but she still a B !

  12. barnettiscool

    To be honest i don’t know if my fiance is a scamer or not.I have been there twice to see her and we went once to cancun.She has not had sex with me once!She is very affectionate and she told me that she is no virgin either’it just makes me wonder.I have never met a woman like this.So much of this video explains alot’maybe I don’t understand her ways of life.I relate to the emails I had recieved from her during the time at? the dating angency.totaly diffrent now.She is strong and she can be a bitc

  13. 05Hogsrule

    -while I may be “brick-ugly” to some, Im not a bridge to be used? for someonse selfish and less than genuine goals.

  14. 05Hogsrule

    -I would find, from my experiences, being overseas, deployed etc, the environment from less than modern areas, the topic or sincere concern I had came to fruition when I was repeatedly asked time and time again, what is your pay-grade, how much money to you earn, etc. Its these kinds of returned opinions that just? encourage the stigma-environment. Since then, I have sincerely screened those only looking for things more important than me; the ICON-status.
    I hope it changes with this opportunity.

  15. 05Hogsrule

    @1:41:31…………..Is? that a Beer-can I hear someone opening in the background!? Excellent!

  16. 05Hogsrule

    —-well, Not Mark anymore……….hahaha, sorry? Anna. You know what I mean.

  17. 05Hogsrule

    Does the industry own the responsibility for? promoting the environment to create the Jaded-attitudes, between men and women in their searches? Women have their opinions, simply because of what the men say to them or the agencies promote to them and say this is what you do. And, for the one guy that genuinely is seeking a real relationship (like me or Mark) and runs into a woman that he thinks is real, but is jaded by reversal role?
    —-We gotta drink a beer over this! LOL.

  18. 05Hogsrule

    -that is why, while I have participated in Chat,? I have insisted on the chat with a camera interaction. I do not go overboard with it, but I have done it to ensure I am interacting directly with the girl and not a portfolio-manager.
    –we have so much to share, but I assure you, I am hip to the stuff.I will be using EDC for my final meeting simply because I believe the nitch.

  19. 05Hogsrule

    –I think its cool that you? have the camera on you during the broadcast. Could be cool to have the other guests also with the option for the camera option also, for viewers.

  20. 05Hogsrule

    -Mark, can you be clear on the website that Rick passes on, there? are two: one is travel consultants(plural) or travel consultant(singular)……per google.

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