3 thoughts on “Scamnet: Lonely Hearts Scam Division

  1. HeimarbeitKarin

    Even if these names of American soldiers “only”, use to be, the American army has the task to assist in the clarification! But nothing happens, although I have already sent 30 emails to various addresses!? The bitter truth is, unfortunately.

  2. HeimarbeitKarin

    BG General Gary H. Cheek and his helpers William Walker, Mohamed Sooker (UN), Dr. Jerry Adams (Barclay Bank in London) Williams Stevenson (another General!!), Morgan Davis (FBI), Chris? Morris (FBI) are the biggest scammer!
    And the American army is not responding – a shame!

  3. 5inAbuja

    Hmmm, either Joe or Tom looks a lot like? a guy named JUAN….
    After 2 years in Nigeria, when 90% of duty calls were this exact situation, I feel like I’ve been Jane Pretty…

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