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The Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek became an incredible a sleeper hit, building up a large audience in the later seasons. In fact, the show went from being under the radar to sweeping the 2020 Emmys in the television comedy genre — a hugely impressive feat.

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Part of the appeal of the show was the flawed characters who somehow made fans root for them as they went on tremendous emotional journies. In fact, no character grew as much as Alexis Rose did in the six seasons the show was on the air. Alexis gave fans some of the best one-liners, with “ew, David” becoming a fan-favorite, but also gave fans one of the most emotional and well-deserved arcs of all time blossoming from a self-centered person to someone who truly cares about everyone around her.

10 “Town For Sale” (Season 1, Episode 13)

The season finale of the first season of Schitt’s Creek is a pretty iconic episode because of the family’s reactions to the possibility of finally leaving Schitt’s Creek. While the news is exciting, it also forced them all to deal with the “loose ends” in the town. For Alexis, this means dealing with the awkward love triangle she’s found herself in – she ends up breaking up with Ted and sleeping with Mutt.

This is a great Alexis episode to rewatch not only because it’s a great reminder of how fun Alexis comes in the six seasons of the show, but also because it stars the epic on-again, off-again relationship she has with Ted. While Alexis and Ted might not get a happy ending, they do become one of the most iconic pairs of the show, and this first breakup is one of their (and Alexis’) biggest moments in the series.

9 “Milk Money” (Season 2, Episode 8)

In this episode, Alexis reconnects with Ted who has been out of town after Alexis rejected his proposal. While things are awkward between them, Alexis decides to ask Ted’s help in securing “raw milk” for her father who had accidentally drunk some from Bob’s fridge since it’s not sold commercially. The comedy comes to a head when Johnny walks into his room to find the entire floor covered in giant gallons of “raw milk” after Alexis over-ordered.

While Alexis makes a lot of mistakes over the course of the six seasons, this is a fan favorite because Alexis truly thought she was being helpful. Instead, she learns a valuable lesson to clarify what someone is asking for before agreeing to help.

8 “Moira’s Nudes” (Season 2, Episode 9)

After learning that her father is low on cash and intends to borrow money from David who is the only one working, Alexis decides it’s time for her to get her first-ever real job. Businesses are slim in Schitt’s Creek which leads her to interview for a receptionist job at Ted’s vet clinic.

While Alexis floundered in chaos for the entire first season and part of the second season, this is a true turning point for Alexis who realizes that she is ready for some real adult responsibilities. It also becomes the catalyst for Alexis and Ted to rekindle their romance that ended abruptly in the first season.

7 “Grad Night” (Season 3, Episode 13)

Season three is a big season for Alexis as she decides to go back to high school to finally get her diploma. Despite always wanting to be the center of attention, Alexis doesn’t want to make her graduation a big deal. However, after the family reveals that they have already made their own plans for Friday, Alexis realizes that her graduation is a big deal and that she does want her family there.

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Alexis graduating high school is definitely one of the biggest moments in her life which is why it has become such a memorable Alexis episode. It’s also the start of Alexis realizing that she might actually love her family and need their support more than she thought she did.

6 “Baby Sprinkle” (Season 4, Episode 10)

While having breakfast, Alexis is surprised to see her former friend Klair storm into Cafe Tropical with a fashionable posse behind her. Klair is as surprised to see Alexis as Alexis is to see her, and the two agree to go out that night. Eventually, Klair offers Alexis an opportunity to get out of Schitt’s Creek which Alexis ultimately turns down.

Watching Alexis deal with this situation is not only hilarious but it shows the audience just how much Alexis has grown living in the town. Had Klair stopped by in the first season of Schitt’s Creek, Alexis would have definitely followed her anywhere, but in season four Alexis is a lot more mature now and has realized that the town has given her a chance to do better in her life.

5 “Singles Week” (Season 4, Episode 12)

“Singles Week” is hands down one of the most iconic episodes of Schitt’s Creek and that’s due in part to Alexis. The true magic of this episode happens at the end, when Moira arrives at Cafe Tropical, allowing Alexis to participate in the “speed dating” game she has going on just in time for Ted to arrive to confess his feelings for her, again.

This episode marks a turning point for Alexis who has previously been a very selfish and self-involved character. For the first time, Alexis puts other people’s happiness before her own by helping them find “true love.” Her mature attitude ends up paying off since she also finds love, again.

4 “The Hospies” (Season 5, Episode 8)

Alexis has a lot of memorable quotes and scenes over the years but none are as iconic as her audition for a spot in the town’s production of Cabaret. Despite Moira trying to talk Jocelyn out of letting Alexis audition, Alexis performs her theme song, “A Little Bit Alexis,” to her limited-run reality series, complete with a questionable dance routine. While her performance didn’t earn her the lead role, it did win over the hearts of fans everywhere.

Alexis’s performance reminds fans of the wild, narcissistic girl they met in the first season. Though Alexis has grown tremendously, it’s nice to see that she still has an inner star inside her dying to break out.

3 “The Presidential Suite” (Season 6, Episode 8)

Alexis does a lot of growing up in the final season of Schitt’s Creek as her entire future with Ted is put to the test with him researching in the Galapagos while she is stuck in town planning David’s wedding to Patrick. In the episode, Ted surprises Alexis in a town for a date night and also breaks the news that he has been offered a more permanent position in the Galapagos.

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Fans truly get to see how mature Alexis has become when she realizes that what she wants might not be what she needs. Instead of being selfish and asking Ted to turn down the job offer, she decides to let him go. While this might be the end to their relationship on-screen, fans are certain that these two will find each other again in the future.

2 “Sunrise, Sunset” (Season 6, Episode 10)

Fans got quite the shock in “Sunrise, Sunset” as the usual upbeat, colorful, and extremely fashionable Alexis decided to lose herself in her sadness over the ending of her relationship with Ted. In this episode, Alexis hardly leaves her bedroom, getting sucked deep into the world of Sunrise Bay, the soap opera that her mother was once a star on.

This new look for Alexis is actually quite relatable for fans which is why it has become an episode Alexis-enthusiasts find themselves rewatching. It’s also a defining moment in Moira and Alexis’s relationship who have truly come so far from being estranged from each other in the pilot.

1 “The Bachelor Party” (Season 6, Episode 11)

Despite her feeling lost in life, Alexis becomes the hero of the episode figuring out the escape room puzzle the family gets stuck on during David and Patrick’s joint bachelor party. And in the end, Alexis realizes that she is ready to leave Schitt’s Creek.

Alexis has always been an uber-confident character so seeing her doubt herself was a new look for fans.  And yet, despite her feeling lost, Alexis ends up making the right decision by the episode ending teaching fans a great moral lesson to always keep going.

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