Science has #worked out who you’re #likely to #marry based on your #job

Ever thought your job could dictate the person you’re going to marry?

Research performed by Bloomberg Business on romantic pairings by profession has found that many professionals married people within their industry.

Three and a half million households were studied and it was found that the most typical pairing is between two school teachers. The results also showed that women who make a lot of money are attracted to those who earn a similar amount, while women who earned less tended to marry those who earn more.

Female CEOs often marry fellow CEOs, while high-ranking male bosses often marry secretaries. It makes sense that you’d probably marry someone within the industry considering how much time we spend at work.

More insights included:

1. PRs marry managers

It seems that PR girls will often marry managers, while male PRs love teachers.

2. Journalists marry other writers

Apparently, creatives love creatives, and journalists also love dating other journalists. Other professions writers tend to go for include chief executives and others in management positions.

3. Marketing and sales managers marry teachers

Managers tend to go for teachers, but female managers also like those who work in insurance, while male managers were also likely to marry nurses.

4. Lawyers like lawyers

Lots of lawyers apparently marry within their own field, but female lawyers also like guys in IT, and male judges marry a lot of teachers.

5. Accountants like money people

Turns out accountants like fellow accountants, but also marry secretaries and managers.

6. Bankers never really marry other bankers

It seems bankers rarely marry other bankers and instead go for finance managers (not quite banking) or those who work in sales.

7. Teachers love each other

Ever thought your teachers were secretly hooking up? Turns out you were probably right, because a lot of teachers marry fellow teachers. Their second favourite profession is managers.

8. Recruitment workers marry people with very different careers

Male headhunters often marry nurses, secretaries and admin workers, while the females go for managers.

9. Doctors also marry each other

Doctors, surgeons and nurses tend to stick together and often find love as they save lives!

10. Designers don’t marry designers

Female designers are likely to marry executives, chief executives and legislators. Male designers tend to marry teachers and secretaries.

11. IT workers don’t like fellow nerds

IT workers rarely go for each other with many going for accountants and secretaries.

This is surprisingly true for us, how about you?