Scorned woman gets revenge on her cheating Tinder match by inviting HIS WIFE to their date | #tinder | #pof

WHEN meeting a potential partner online, things don’t always go to plan – and they aren’t always who they claim to be.

One woman looking for love knows this all too well after matching with a bloke on Tinder who she claims ended up being married with kids – but she got her revenge, beautifully.


The American woman matched with a man on Tinder, and while talking, asked if he was seeing anyoneCredit: spunky_brewstah/TikTok

American woman Nadiyah, from Atlanta, was feeling pretty good about matching with a man who she seemed to get along well with.

After a few flirty messages, they agreed to meet up, so Nadiyah did what many would do and searched him up on Facebook.

It was there she apparently discovered he’d been married for two and a half years – and he and his wife had six kids, too.

Naturally, she screen shot what she could as proof but didn’t confront him right away.


After saying she, she discovered he was actually married and had six kids with his wifeCredit: spunky_brewstah/TikTok

Their initial messages were off to a good start, with the man saying he wants a “serious one lady kind of thing going”.

He also told her he’s not dating anyone else – which, obviously, turned out to be a lie.

When they finally arranged to meet for a date, Nadiyah cheekily asked if she could bring a female friend along and he agreed.

But is a brutal turn of events, she sent him a photo of him and his wife and joked that she would be the “special guest of honour.”


She then asked if she could ‘invite a friend’ on their date, and he said yesCredit: spunky_brewstah/TikTok


She then sent him a snap of him and his wifeCredit: spunky_brewstah/TikTok

Keeping it cool, he responded with: “You smooth”, after receiving the result of Nadiyah’s detective work.

He then tried to back his way out of the lie by saying: “I’m going thru somethings and I wasn’t ready to tell you yet.”

Needless to say, it appears they didn’t go on that date after all.

Nadiyah shared the exchange in a clip on TikTok, and wrote in the caption: “I woke up and chose [to be] petty.”


After confronting him, he tried to back out of the lieCredit: spunky_brewstah/TikTok

Many people praised Nadiyah for calling him out, with one person commenting: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Another pointed out: “The fact that he met his wife online as well….what.”

While a third added: “This is why I stopped online dating, it’s exhausting. Your reply was incredible though….he really had no response.”

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