Scott Lamb


This guy is a big time serial cheater. He does not acknowledge that he has done anything wrong, and when confronted with evidence that he is cheating, he refuses to accept it (text records). He has no remorse even when told he has severely damaged a marriage. He lives separately from his wife so he has no accountability for his whereabouts. He uses the term “Friends and Colleagues” to describe the women he is hitting on. Here is how he operates:

Lies about his personal situation.
Uses acronyms in texts and e-mail as code to deceive those who may stumble across his sordid behavior. MY, ZSAM, Mylywy etc.
Pre-arranges call times. Driving to or from work, while shopping or traveling. This way he can assure that he and the other party have privacy.
Goes out on private lunches and dinners to meet and disguises them as a “Group Lunch”, “Going Away Dinner” or “Off-site training”.
Uses cash to pay for these rendezvous so as to not show up on a credit card bill.
Stays late at work or goes in early to meet or make prearranged phone calls.
Convinces his “Friends and Colleagues” that they should only talk to him about work and personal items because their spouse/boyfriend/significant other isn’t smart enough to understand them.
When discovered he and his F&C work to erase any trail of their relationship.
Becomes a coward and refuses to answer his phone or e-mail to own up to his crimes.

He would rather have his wife know about his behavior, than apologize for what he has done. This poor woman has been so abused she no longer stands up to him.

The only way to get rid of the guy is to e-mail his work and he goes ballistic.

Scott Lamb is a cheater, liar, abuser and coward….”nothing more, nothing less”.

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