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TVNZ OnDemand’s new show Good Grief stars Josh Thomson, Sophie Hambleton, Eve Palmer, Grace Palmer and Vinnie Bennett.

Good Grief
(TVNZ OnDemand)

Start the year right with some local lols. This new comedy series from talented sister duo Grace (Shortland Street) and Eve Palmer (The Adam and Eve Show) is about two odd-couple siblings who inherit a funeral home in small-town New Zealand. One sister is excited to be back home and reunited with her sis, while the other can’t wait to escape to Bali to begin a new life as a DJ. Together they’ll need to keep their funeral home alive and manage the three employees, who are less than thrilled with their new bosses. As well as starring, the Palmer sisters co-wrote the series, and enlisted top comedic talent to star, including the reliably funny Josh Thomson. The full season is streaming now.

Headspace Guide To Meditation

New year, new you? It can be if you take a deep breath and heed the lessons presented in this calming new Netflix series that aims to help you achieve serenity.

Netflix series Headspace Guide To Meditation takes you through the benefits and science behind meditation.

Presented by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk and co-founder of the popular Headspace meditation app, he’ll explain the benefits and science behind meditation and showcase a range of different mindfulness techniques. These are designed to be accessible and easy for everyone to enjoy and will help with stress, sleep and letting go. Each 20-minute episode culminates with a guided meditation to -hopefully – leave you in a state of meditative wellness. Streaming now.

Queen & Slim
There’s bad first dates and then there’s what happens in this American romantic crime drama. On their way home after an awkward first Tinder date, the African-American pair of Queen, a criminal defence attorney, and her match, Slim, are stopped by a racist cop. The encounter gets ugly and ends with the couple needing to hightail it out and go on the lam.

Jodie Turner-Smith and Daniel Kaluuya in Queen & Slim, streaming on Neon.
Jodie Turner-Smith and Daniel Kaluuya in Queen & Slim, streaming on Neon.

This fugitive story has been called stylish, provocative, and powerful with particular praise going to the cinematography and performances from actors Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) and British model/actress Jodie Turner-Smith.
Streaming from Wednesday.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny

This 2D, animated series offers fans of that galaxy far, far away some quick-fire action adventures. How fast? Well, each episode is only a few minutes long so you could say the show could make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs if you were someone who liked to drop Star Wars quotes into daily conversation. Ahem.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny presents tales of the galaxy's greatest heroes. Streaming on Disney+.
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny presents tales of the galaxy’s greatest heroes. Streaming on Disney+.

These may be short but they are satisfying, as Maz Kanata presents tales of the Star Wars galaxy’s greatest heroes including Rey from the recent Star Wars trilogy, Princess Leia from the original movies, and Ahsoka Tano, the Jedi who recently appeared in an episode of the excellent live-action series The Mandalorian. Their stylishly animated micro-adventures have been bundled together, meaning you won’t be reaching for the “play” button every couple of minutes. Streaming from tomorrow.

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