SeekingArrangement Sees Increase In College Student “Sugar Babies”


InfographicOBSERVER – Jan 22 – The site, which boasts over 5M active members in 139 countries, has seen increasing use by college students in recent years, with 1.9M college students registered. The average sugar daddy or momma on the site is 45 years old, average sugar baby is 26. The majority of the sugar babies on the site are female. Sugar babies receive an average of around $3K per month. 1/3 of the sugar daddies on the site are married. Around 36% of the average sugar baby’s allowance is spent on tuition, while 23% goes to rent, 20% to textbooks, 9% to transportation, 5% to clothing and 7% to other things.

by Julia Bianco
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