Serious Dating – Tips on Dating to Marry

You love this guy and really want to get him serious with you. But still aren’t sure about what to do. Want to go on a date with him, but unsure about what to say and how to impress? Juts calm your self down and follow some simple steps that would get you your love.

Often, if not always, guys as well as girls have a causal perception about dating. A common prejudice about dating is that it’s just to pass your time or just for fun. There is no kind of seriousness or even a “thought” of commitment, in either ones mind before going for a date. However if you want to go on a date which would lead to marriage, you need to firstly take it seriously.

If you are asking a guy to go for a date, make sure he knows you are in no mood to just pass your time and are pretty serious about the date. Let him be aware of the fact that you are expecting a lot from the date and you have high hopes of some permanent life long relationship to develop. This would be the first step to test the person you are calling in for a date. As if the other person has an indication about your seriousness and is still willing to come for the date, then you must be happy. Not because he is serious as well, but at least he doesn’t mind it, if you are serious. So, there is some hope about your partner accepting you not only as a date, but also as his wife.

Express yourself when your date begins. Make sure you don’t rub it the wrong way. Your partner should not get bored of you talking. You shouldn’t just begin rambling about how much you like him and what is it that you like about him etc. If you don’t stop, your date is sure to get bored and either loose interest in your talks or just walk away.

You must express what you feel but don’t over do it.

Let some things be a hidden secret as guys love mysterious girls. This need in him, to know more about you and what you like about him, is going to get him closer to you. He would want to explore you and this is when things would start working in your favor. He would initiate second meets, phone calls, text messages etc. The more you people would meet the more would the bind get strong.

Finally when both you guys are sure, you could break the ice and be happy about finding your partner of life.

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