Service Will Pay You To Help Your Friends Find Love


Some people are born matchmakers. They know exactly which of their friends will pair well with others, and they set them up with rousing success. They’re rewarded only with the happiness of their friends, but a new digital dating startup wants to offer more than that. When you match your friends with others through the new site Matchpool, you’ll be paid for your efforts.

Matchpool, developed by Ben Shimon, who also serves as the CEO, is designed to bring couples together on a platform of common interests. He identified a problem with an online dating world that was too generalized and how it’s often difficult to find “the one” simply because there are too many differences.

“When I looked at the dating industry, I saw it was expensive to reach a critical mass of users and open a niche dating site,” he explained in an interview with CoinDesk. “That’s why dominant sites are one-size-fits-all, but that’s not what most of us look for.”

He explained that he wanted to see a dating site that would cater more to the individual and that matchmaking can be a successful catalyst for this. Matchpool is perfect for those who may not pursue an online match on their own. Shimon recognized that friends often create dating profiles for their lonely buddies in an effort to get them dating again. He also noted that many of his coworkers had met their significant others through mutual friends, and he used these notions as a basis for the idea.

“I think [matchmaking] does happen, but under the surface,” he said in a post on Medium. “If you ask a lot of colleagues or friends how they met their husband, they’ll say through mutual friends. It’s an environment that takes off your layers of protection … If a trusted person makes the introduction we suddenly feel a lot more comfortable.”

Matchmakers can visit Matchpool’s website and create a series of “pools” or groups of users that have a common interest. They’ll put their friends into these groups based on things they love and hate. It’s like a Facebook group for people who love dogs or traveling or sports or all of the above. Members of the group can then send private messages to each other while seeking a match.

The person who creates the group, called a matchmaker, is the owner of the “online dating platform,” and they can benefit from the happenings within. They’re able to monetize their efforts in a number of ways.

A popular method of gaining earnings is setting a membership fee for anyone who joins an established group. If they want access to a group of people with the same interests as them, they’ll pay a monthly fee. They might also send a tiny fee per message sent, something like $0.25 per message, which can add up after awhile. In this way, the matchmaker is essentially running his or her own dating site.

It might seem farfetched that people would pay to join such a site or to send messages, but the platform isn’t much different than other dating sites. Additionally, the tight-knit group embodies a sense of trust for the members of the pool, which can make online dating fee more personal.

Another way that users and matchmakers can make money is through signup tokens and bonuses. Matchmakers can gain a small reward when new people sign up and the users are also rewarded to encourage them to be part of the group.

“I believe that if we reward early users with real money—in a way that we couldn’t do with dollars—then we can cheaply overcome the initial barriers that come from the [lack of] network effect,” Shimon also stated.

It’s hard to tell if this will be as successful as Shimon hopes it will. it sounds like a good idea in theory, but we won’t know until Matchpool officially launches in May.

To get people excited, Matchpool is now offering a token sale, meaning that you’ll get higher rewards if you sign up early. This token sale and their crowdfunding campaign that goes along with it will begin in March. You can look into this opportunity by visiting their website.



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