How to Set Up a Killer Dating Profile in Your 30s


Once you hit your 30s, dating changes into something different. You might be coming out of a serious relationship and looking for a casual relationship or have had a wonderful time dating around and are ready to find the right person for long-term cuddle sessions. You can always rely on friends for blind date options, but online dating is the real solution. If you’re new to the game, there are a few tips and tricks when it comes to setting up the perfect profile that truly represents yourself and attracts the right type of personality.

    1. Pick the right site: There are tons of options out there to find the right person for you. If you’re feeling like you’d prefer to have more control, check outBumble. Or stick with traditional sites like Match or eHarmony.
    2. Keep it simple: When it comes to your handle, keep it to a few words that are catchy while also being real. You want to have fun with this but not be too out there when it comes to picking a name you’ll be using when flirting online.
    3. Use a real photo: Seriously. You can ask a good friend for help with this, but you want to represent yourself so when you do actually meet IRL your date isn’t completely confused. Think of it like a headshot that’s fun. Then next time you’re feeling pretty, ask for help with snapping a picture or take a selfie — without the duck face.
    4. Be honest: If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, this is where to share what you’re looking for. Keep it short and sweet without going into too much personal detail. This is not the place to dish on past relationships or bring politics to the table. You’re a touch older (and wiser!) so highlight things you’re proud of.
    5. Don’t take yourself too seriously: You’re going in blind so don’t expect everyone to get your personality — or to be as up-to-date with online lingo or trending news. And sarcasm doesn’t always translate well over the Internet.
    6. Set dealbreakers: Once you hit your 30s, there are things you just aren’t willing to compromise on. Make a personal list and stick with it. If you aren’t up for dating someone who’s living with roommates, that’s cool. Not interested in someone who isn’t serious about a career? Totally fine. Once you have your list, don’t compromise — you’re not looking for pointless dates that waste time for everyone involved.
    7. Edit your photos: Too many pictures can be distracting, so only include a few shots of yourself. Feature between three and five pictures that capture you doing things you love. Also, make sure you don’t include too many group shots, as this can be confusing for potential dates. They shouldn’t have to guess which person they are meeting.
    8. Be yourself! This is your opportunity to feature the things you’re proud of while potentially connecting with a future special someone. Have fun with the process and let your uniqueness shine through. Happy dating!





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